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Stéphane Gelin
Business Implications of BEPS
A CMS Tax Analysis
03 Feb 17
Chief Financial Officers 2017. Brexit, Digital Tra...
7th Annual Event - International Roundtable
ABS Regulation - Draft Biotech Sector Stakeholder Guidance
Views are being sought from interested stakeholders on European guidance for the biotechnology sector concerning the EU’s access to genetic resources and sharing of benefits from utilisation legislation – namely the ABS Regulation.
Edouard Milhac
Foreign Investor: Chinese Investors Opt for French...
30 Jan 17
Current International Tax Issues in Cross-Border C...
6th Annual IBA Tax Conference
BEPS Update: Multilateral Instrument Published
The OECD has now published the multilateral instrument (“MLI”) that will implement certain of the treaty-related proposals from its project on tackling base erosion and profit shifting (“BEPS”).
Luxembourg | Country-by-Country Reporting
16 Dec 16
Update on Brexit and Financial Services
HMG's policy debate on the post-Brexit regime, alt...
The CJEU determines scope of implicit consent of authors to use t...
Earlier this month the Court of Justice of the EU (“CJEU”) has rendered a decision in the Marc Soulier, Sara Dokes v. Premier Ministre, Ministre de la Culture et de la Communication case (C-301/15), whereby it scrutinized the French “Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle”.
CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre advises IM Square on t...
15 Dec 16
Webinar: CMS MiFID II webinar – key conduct of bus...
Oil & Gas / Shipping: Excluding ‘consequential loss’ can restrict...
The Commercial Court was recently asked to consider the correct construction of the phrase “consequential or special losses or expenses” in a clause that distributed (and limited) liability and remedies between parties (Star Polaris LLC v HHIC-Phil Inc [2016].
McDonald's reserves the right to use the prefixes...
Is the Mini Labour Reform headed in the right direction?