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Christophe Barthelemy
Getting the deal through - Gas regulation 2016
15 Jun
STEP Israel Annual Conference
US rules on Bitcoin (and what the EU thinks)
Bitcoin has become increasingly popular as a virtual currency. It is estimated that venture capital investments in the currency now total more than €1 billion. As Bitcoin begins to break into the mainstream, the European Parliament and a Florida court have.
Jean-Fabrice Brun
Defending and assisting you in the resolution of y...
09 Jun
France Cross border tax issues for Andorran tax r...
Europe confirms course to low-emission transport
Yesterday the European Commission published a short Communication entitled “A European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility”. For those familiar with the Europe’s developments in transport sector law and policy over the last few years (and in particular since.
CMS launches e-guide on the Battle of Forms
18 May
BEPS, CRS, AML et autres acronymes: est-il accepta...
New charges against Google
The European Commission sent another round of Statements of Objections to Google on 14 July 2016. A Statement of Objections constitutes a formal step in a Commission investigation into potential violations of EU antitrust rules, informing the undertakings.
Shareholder Activism: A European Perspective
Tax allowances for donations made by French taxpayers to foreign...
First, we will briefly recall the different preferential tax treatments for gifts made by individuals (1) and entities (2) and as regards registration duties (3). Then, we will expose the conditions to be fulfilled by the French taxpayers in order to benefit.
Jean-Robert Bousquet
CMS conseil de CBL pour l'acquisition de SFS
Legal developments in offshore wind energy in the Netherlands; pa...
Second tender Borssele III & IV With the results of the first tender only being announced last week, the Dutch government has already announced the opening of the next round later this year. Bids for the sites Borssele III and IV can be submitted as from 16.
CMS advises CBL in acquisition of SFS
European Commission’s formal investigation into AB InBev’s practi...
On 30 June 2016, the European Commission announced a formal investigation into AB InBev’s practices in the Belgian beer market. The Commission wants to assess whether AB InBev has abused its dominant position in the Belgian beer market by hindering imports.
Pierre-Sébastien Thill
CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre appoints its new Manag...