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Anne-Laure Villedieu
Public access to a wireless network: the operator...
Latest news in French tax law: The delicate balance between the s...
In those pre-election times, the main changes introduced in French tax law by the recently enacted tax Acts1 are mainly technical ones. Some of them directly result from judicial review by the French Constitutional Court, which emphasizes the Supreme Court’s.
FROG: the AMF updates its policy on the asset mana...
Publication of the Net Neutrality Guidelines
On 30 August 2016, the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) published guidelines related to the implementation of obligations incumbent on national regulatory authorities ("NRA") to guarantee open internet access.
CMS European M&A Study 2017
Limits on the unitary effect of the European trade mark
Based on its European "Combit" trade mark, Combit Software launched an action for infringement against a company regarding the use of the "Commit" sign to designate similar goods and services, and petitioned the German court seized to issue a ban on the use.
A new contract between spouses : divorce by mutual...
A new contract between spouses : divorce by mutual consent
Since 1 January 2017, if spouses want to reach an amicable settlement of their divorce (disposal of their assets, custody of children, alimony for under-age children or students, compensatory allowance for one of the spouses, retention of the other spouse's.
The European Professional Card applied to real est...
New measures to promote professional mobility
Sharing economy: new obligations imposed by France on online plat...
Faced with the rapid growth of the sharing economy, French authorities have been examining the equal treatment of players in the traditional economy and those in the sharing economy with regard to tax and social charges.
Sharing economy: new obligations imposed by France...
The tax and social regimes of the free-shares grant again revised
The Law 2016-1917 of December 29, 2016 (the 2017 Finance Act) revised the free-shares legal regime freshly amended by the so-called Law Macron of August 6, 2015, more specifically the tax and social regimes applicable to the advantage obtained by the employee.