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Anne-Laure Villedieu
An initial framework for Privacy Shield: the Europ...
15 Jun 16
STEP Israel Annual Conference
Europe consults on emissions and efficiency performance of road t...
On the 20th July 2016 the European Commission published a short Communication entitled “A European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility” (see previous Law-Now). Alongside this Communication the Commission announced two public consultations on curbing fuel consumption.
Anne-Laure Villedieu
Privacy Shield: feedback from the WP29
09 Jun 16
France Cross border tax issues for Andorran tax r...
Reserve-based lending facilities comparative study – debt and ali...
Introduction and overview Reserve-based lending (RBL) facilities are the main means by which small and mid-sized independent E&P companies raise debt finance to fund their upstream oil & gas operations.
Nintendo decision: resale price recommended during...
18 May 16
BEPS, CRS, AML et autres acronymes: est-il accepta...
Additional public investment in Berlin airport cleared
On 3 August 2016, the European Commission cleared the public investment package for increasing capacity and making technical improvements to the Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport. According to the Commission, the German investment is on market terms and.
The New Permanent Establishment Status After BEPS:...
Commission orders the recovery of aid to airlines in Sardinia
In a decision of 29 July 2016, the European Commission concluded that the public support granted by Italy’s Sardinia region to selected airlines gave them an unfair advantage and must be repaid. It found the measures involved no aid in favour of the airports.
Jean-Luc Tixier
Operation of a fonds de commerce (business underta...
US rules on Bitcoin (and what the EU thinks)
Bitcoin has become increasingly popular as a virtual currency. It is estimated that venture capital investments in the currency now total more than €1 billion. As Bitcoin begins to break into the mainstream, the European Parliament and a Florida court have.
Is the regulation protecting the commercial agent...
Europe confirms course to low-emission transport
Yesterday the European Commission published a short Communication entitled “A European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility”. For those familiar with the Europe’s developments in transport sector law and policy over the last few years (and in particular since.
Elisabeth Flaicher-Maneval
Cold calling: the "Bloctel" list operational since...