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The activity of business in the current world supposes the existence of risks of the most diverse nature. Of course, identifying them is possible for those who participate in the agreements to identify the best way to deal with them, whether they are transferred to the counterparty and that they are assumed against payment of a part of the price or to be transferred to professional insurers, whose object is precisely their coverage.

CMS Rodríguez-Azuero is able to accompany the insurance activity in the different levels that are recognized in Colombia, namely reinsurers, insurers, brokers and insurance agents, as well as companies that need to be covered or that are in situations that require the invocation of the respective coverage, in light of the loss.

Within the insurance sector and supporting it, the Firm has a particular recognition as a great specialist in guarantees of various nature, both insurance and banking, fiduciary and mobile assets, to mention some modern ones.

Of course, when it is necessary to propose a controversy, it works in close union with the dispute resolution area.

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