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TMC - Technology, Media and Communications


The Technology, Media and Communication sectors are being driven by the enormous demand for innovative products and services. The quick evolution of new technologies has opened a large number of opportunities in the industry and this has created a need to adapt and diversify with new business lines that need to meet regulatory requirements.

There is a need for specialized legal advice when facing this changing environment, from those who understand the manner in which these new technologies interact in the organization and how this synergy can be achieved in the context of following this regulatory component; on the one hand in those companies that need to integrate technology into their business in an efficient manner, and on the other hand are those companies that have already done it, as are IT service providers and creators and distributors of the communication media who must protect their investment and maximize their business opportunities.

Our team interacts with specialists in diverse areas of practice, including Intellectual Property, Corporate and Finance, Labor, Infrastructure, Regulatory and Compliance, among others.

We have gathered vast experience and expert knowledge in this sector and can provide you with complete, precise and pertinent advice, specially dealing with regulation related to the following areas:

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    Internet of Things

    Nowadays artificial intelligence or internet of things (IOT) has become a reality. Technology today allows us to have intelligent homes by means of automated heating, ventilation and cooling systems that are self-controlled, intelligent clothing to improve the quality of life of people, drones that make it possible to eliminate human participation in risky activities, self-driving vehicles.

    Technology develops so quickly that the law is not able to stay current. The Internet of Things poses legal questions that are not entirely covered by the current regulation, situations that generate consequences that must be resolved from the legal perspective.

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    Online Games

    In a society where every passing day the internet turns into a space of interaction in all aspects of daily life, online games have become very successful, and for these to operate, there is a need of cooperation between the authors, producers, coders, editors and distributors, and a solid legal environment that allows them to satisfy their business needs.

    In that regard, online games and sports require copyright, use and distribution agreements, personal data protection and civil responsibility.

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    The exponential advance in technology of the past few years has had an impact in different areas in the market, among which is the financial sector; something that has generated a series of benefits that have translated into easing of operations, immediacy and higher profits.

    In this sense, our team of specialists in New Technology rights, Banking and Financial Rights, and other branches of law practice that interact with the requirements of the Fintechs, allow us to offer specialized legal counseling to both large financial institutions and entrepreneurs, so that they can achieve a development based on technology and the continuity of their operations in compliance with the current regulatory framework.

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    CMS GRAU offers a tailor-made service for technology entrepreneurs and supports them by making our vast experience in the main legal areas available to them, offering them a tailor-made service that allows them to start and continue their endeavor while meeting the demands in the regulatory framework that applies to them.

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    The development of technology has brought with it the creation of new marketing channels mainly relying on the internet, both in dealing with B2B as well as B2C relations, among others.

    This circumstance has generated the updating of the existing regulation to adapt to this new manner of marketing goods and services, but also the creation of new laws that make it possible to operate in the digital market, guaranteeing the respect for the rights of the parties involved and safeguarding the security and confidentiality of the transactions, of the intellectual property of the digital creations, the protection of the digital consumer, the authentication of the parties and the privacy of the persons.

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    IT Law

    The development of technology has promoted the emergence of IT law, whose purpose is the study of the interaction that arises between the fields of law and technology, and provides the regulatory framework and good practices for the treatment and management of information in the digital environment, as well as the exploitation of IT products and services.

    In this field we seek to guide the client to carry out transactions involving information technologies in a way that can maximize their economic benefit with a risk management approach.

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    Personal Data Protection

    We provide personal data protection advice as an integral service for our clients to comply satisfactorily with the regulatory framework.

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