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CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni has developed a broad expertise in the field of life sciences. The firm's life sciences practice includes the assistance of clients which operate in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology medical devices and more generally health care services.

We regularly advise life science companies on corporate governance matters and licensing and contracts, as well as day-to-day corporate issues.

The Team can count on professionals “borrowed” on a regular basis, to life sciences from other departments of the firm including team of corporate and intellectual property professionals who can boast a significant experience securing and defending patent positions and regulatory law issues in order for companies to comply with the Italian regulatory law.

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    Today the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly growing. This is a highly complex industry and represents one of the fastest growing on the market.

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    Ted Rhodes
    CMS Glob­al Lifes­ci­ences For­um 2015
    Shap­ing the fu­ture through in­nov­a­tion and col­lab­or­a­tion
    Com­pil­a­tion Plan of Chinese Phar­ma­co­poeia 2020 open for pub­lic com­ment
    The Phar­ma­co­poeia Com­mis­sion of China Food and Drug Ad­min­is­tra­tion (“CF­DA”) re­cently pub­lished the Com­pil­a­tion Plan of Chinese Phar­ma­co­poeia 2020 (Draft for Com­ment) (“Draft”) to seek pub­lic com­ments un­til 1 Decem­ber 2016.
    China Lifes­ci­ences Monthly Up­date – Oc­to­ber 2016
    MOHRSS will ad­just cata­logue of na­tion­al ba­sic med­ic­al in­sur­ance, em­ploy­ment in­jury in­sur­ance and ma­ter­nity in­sur­ance The Min­istry of Hu­man Re­sources and So­cial Se­cur­ity of the People’s Re­pub­lic of China (MOHRSS) is­sued the Ad­just­ment Plan for Drug Re­im­burse­ment.
    China Lifes­ci­ences Monthly Up­date – Au­gust/Septem­ber 2016
    Ad­min­is­trat­ive Meas­ures for Drug Re­gis­tra­tion (Draft Re­vi­sion) is­sued by CF­DA, 25 Ju­ly The China Food and Drug Ad­min­is­tra­tion (CF­DA) has re­leased the Ad­min­is­trat­ive Meas­ures for Drug Re­gis­tra­tion (Draft Re­vi­sion) which closed for pub­lic com­ment on 26 Au­gust.
    Draft Ad­min­is­trat­ive Meas­ures for Drug Re­gis­tra­tion Open for Com­ment
    Fol­low­ing the re­lease of the Opin­ions of the State Coun­cil on the Re­form of Eval­u­ation and Ap­prov­al Sys­tem for Drugs and Med­ic­al Devices (the “Re­form”) is­sued by the State Coun­cil of the People’s Re­pub­lic of China in Au­gust 2015, which aims to pro­mote the re­form.
    China Lifes­ci­ences Monthly Up­date - June/Ju­ly 2016
    Drug Tra­cing Sys­tem re­places Drug Elec­tron­ic Su­per­vi­sion Sys­tem in China, 13 Ju­ly 2016 The China Food and Drug Ad­min­is­tra­tion ("CF­DA") has is­sued the re­vised Good Sup­ply Prac­tice for Phar­ma­ceut­ic­al Products (“GSP”).
    Ex­pect­a­tion of a Faster Growth of Health Food in Near Fu­ture
    The Ad­min­is­trat­ive Meas­ures for the Re­gis­tra­tion and Re­cordal of Health Food (“Meas­ures”) ad­op­ted and pro­mul­gated by China Food and Drug Ad­min­is­tra­tion ("CF­DA") on 4 Feb­ru­ary 2016 have come in­to force on 1 Ju­ly 2016.
    China Lifes­ci­ences Monthly Up­date – May 2016
    50% de­crease in drug prices after ne­go­ti­ation Re­cently, the Na­tion­al Health and Fam­ily Plan­ning Com­mis­sion of the People’s Re­pub­lic of China (the “NHFPC”) an­nounced the out­come of the first round of drug price ne­go­ti­ations (the “An­nounce­ment”).
    NDRC launches anti-trust in­vest­ig­a­tion in­to phar­ma­ceut­ic­al sec­tor
    China’s top pri­cing-re­lated anti-trust reg­u­lat­or, the Na­tion­al De­vel­op­ment and Re­form Com­mis­sion (“NDRC”), has launched a new round of anti-trust in­vest­ig­a­tions in­to phar­ma­ceut­ic­al com­pan­ies. A ma­jor US phar­ma­ceut­ic­al com­pany has been summoned for in­quiry and.