Our Practice Areas

Our main areas of expertise are the following:

  • E-commerce law: CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre provides assistance to clients throughout the creation of online business projects: creating websites, maintenance, hosting, acquiring intellectual property rights, securing access, implementing terms and conditions of sale.
  • Online payment: CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre provides assistance to companies with the implementation of secure online payment solutions.
  • Electronic billing: CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre is a privileged partner for providing you with assistance for electronic billing projects in view of its expertise on ICT and also indirect taxes.
  • Electronic archiving: our teams provide you with assistance in implementing electronic archiving solutions. 
  • Personal data protection: our teams provide advice and assistance on collecting, processing and transferring personal data.  
Our Approach
  • A pragmatic approach notably with the aim of implementing effective legal and contractual tools to prevent litigation risk
  • A global legal approach which systematically takes into account issues relating to intellectual property law, contract law and consumer law
  • A multidisciplinary approach with the participation of lawyers specialising in tax, industry and commerce regulations, employment law, or lawyers specialising in specific sectors that by the nature of their business activity encounter these issues such as health, real estate, insurance or banking.  
Our Clients

Our clients include: 

  • national or multinational companies operating in wide-ranging sectors
e-commerce platform editors
software or online game editors

  • website editors
Our Team

CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre has a team of lawyers specialised in e-commerce and electronic transactions.

Cross-cutting issues such as electronic billing, electronic filing or electronic monitoring of employees are specifically handled within the firm by a multidisciplinary team composed of CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre specialists. 
For international or cross-border matters, the team members request assistance from their colleagues in the CMS alliance with whom they foster a close relationship, in particular through secondments and during the practice area group meetings held annually.

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