Increasing use of compulsory mediation, a growing number of legal obligations in terms of consumer information, reinforced protection of personal data and so on: as e-commerce expands, the consumer protection regulations are becoming tighter, creating an increasingly complex legal framework. Managing all of the legal challenges associated with your business is not only a necessity to prevent underlying risks (in terms of content, data security, general terms and conditions of sale and use, legal notices, etc.) but also a real advantage in terms of developing and creating value in your business. Our expert lawyers in internet and e-commerce law are able to support you in establishing the necessary provisions and tools.

Our global and multidisciplinary approach, based on a varied combination of expertise, enables us to address all of your issues from electronic invoicing to archiving via cyber-surveillance of employees. Whether you are a publisher of e-commerce platforms, software, online games or websites or a national or multinational company, our team will advise and assist you throughout the life of your online business project (website creation, maintenance, hosting, acquisition of intellectual property rights, access security, implementation of terms and conditions of sale, etc.). We also support you in establishing secure online payment solutions; in your invoice digitisation projects; in the implementation of electronic archiving solutions as well as the collection, processing and transfer of personal data.

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