Information Technology


Our Practice Areas

Our main areas of expertise are the following:

  • Arranging, drafting and negotiating agreements and providing advice on performance of agreements particularly with regard to the following:

    - research and development agreements, cooperation agreements
- software development, licencing and maintenance agreements, particularly in the context of integration operations and the deployment of information systems 

    - outsourcing agreements
- Application Service Provider agreements
    -hosting agreements

    - website creation agreements

    - archiving agreements
- agreements relating to the introduction of digital signature systems (PKI)
- internal policy relating to the use of information systems
- delegation of powers in the context of information systems management
  • Assistance and monitoring the legal aspects of IT projects (participating in steering committees, etc.)
  • Advice on regulatory matters
  • Assistance and representation in the scope of litigation linked to the performance of IT agreements or compliance with applicable regulations
  • Internal training for legal, administrative and IT departments on all legal aspects of the implementation and operating of information systems  
Our Approach

A pragmatic approach notably involving the implementation of IT projects intended to prevent litigation risks A global legal approach which systematically takes into account issues relating to intellectual property law, contract law and consumer law A multidisciplinary approach with the participation of lawyers specialising in tax, industry and commerce regulations, employment law, or lawyers specialising in specific sectors that by the nature of their business activity encounter these issues such as health, real estate, insurance or banking.  

Our Clients

Our clients include: 
large groups, small and medium-sized companies, public entities using IT services
IT service providers and in particular, systems integration companies or solution providers.  

Our Team

CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre has a team of lawyers specialised in this field.
When an issue requires a multidisciplinary approach, the team members work closely with other specialists at CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre. 
For international or cross-border matters, the team members request assistance from their colleagues in the CMS alliance with whom they foster close relations, in particular at the practice area group meetings held annually.

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