The law for a new Digital Republic, the creative freedom law, general data protection rules, the Sapin II law, new regulations governing digital advertising designed to create greater transparency, etc. Complex by nature, given the variety of disciplines it covers and the diversity of rules it comprises, media law is undergoing major transformations linked to the development of new technologies. The changes in progress not only present a number of opportunities, but also potential threats. If you work in the fields of advertising, broadcasting, cinema, entertainment, print media, publishing or sport, or even if you need to communicate, you now face completely new issues whose management requires greater expertise than ever. Our team specialising in this field encompasses all the skills required to successfully address them.

Drawing on their constantly updated knowledge of applicable regulations, our experts are able to advise and assist you in the preparation, drafting and negotiation of your contracts and to represent you in disputes involving the performance of contracts in the communications field and compliance with applicable regulations. Our team also carries out internal training for legal, administrative and communications departments in all aspects linked to communications law. Whenever necessary, our lawyers work with experts specialising in tax, economic regulations, employment law and certain specifically regulated sectors.

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