Advertising, Marketing & Sponsorship

United Kingdom

Working to raise your businesses’ profile is an exciting place to be, and as you work with your in-house marketing team or creative agency to develop your advertising, marketing and sponsorship strategies, it is also important to consider all the legal and regulatory requirements, including those for the industry in which you work.  

It is essential your lawyers have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the marketing process, whether you are planning a campaign or when a dispute arises. At CMS, we advise both growing businesses and established national and international brands. Central to our approach is a willingness to listen, learn and appreciate the broader context of your activities.  

Our extensive experience spans a range of specialist sectors including cosmetics and healthcare products, food and drink, financial services, and household and electronic goods. Whether you require advice on sponsorship, labelling or copy clearance, our sector specialists’ focus is always on achieving your commercial objectives. Our advice ranges from commercial contracts and brand protection, over complaints to advertising regulators, to disputes with competitors. 

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