Clean & Alternative Energy

United Kingdom

CMS is at the forefront of clean and alternative energy, a continually evolving and cutting edge industry. The high number of projects and transactions on which we advise gives us a role as both advisers to the sector and in shaping the future direction of the industry. 

Our clients include utilities and independent developers, investors and financiers, contractors, governments, regulators and other stakeholders around the world. CMS has advised on emerging renewables technologies that are now considered established, and we continue to be in the vanguard of cutting edge technologies such as energy storage, floating offshore wind projects, tidal lagoons, carbon capture and storage, and nuclear fusion test projects, among others, from the UK to the Middle East, South America, Africa and Asia. Each technology and jurisdiction presents unique legal challenges through which, drawing on our extensive experience, we guide our clients.

CMS has a long history in the power sector, including advising on some of the most ground-breaking and cutting edge technologies, transactions and market reforms currently taking place. We continue to advise on the next wave of electricity market liberalisations and sector documents establishing the frameworks within which new technologies are taken forward.

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