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Corporate Tax Lawyers

The activities which CMS Adonnino Ascoli & Cavasola Scamoni carries out with respect to tax issues involving companies, include but are not limited to, national and international tax provisions and all fiscal issues related to a wide variety of company operations performed in Italy and abroad.

Our focus lies in the tax advice provided in case of: company constitution, joint ventures, M&A transactions and in all spin-off agreements both for Italian companies operating abroad and for foreign entities operating in Italy. We also assist in drafting feasibility studies in case of restructuring schemes and are experts in tax issues for stock option planning. We assist in the due diligence activities and provide advice for companies who are looking into investing (selling or acquiring) branches and subsidiaries in Italy or abroad. In addition to this, our team’s activity focuses on an in-depth analysis of all fiscal issues which involve companies, individuals and, more generally, institutions.

Our professionals have also been appointed as members in statutory bodies such as board of directors and the board of auditors for major multinational companies.

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