Investigations & Raids

United Kingdom

With the increase in businesses operating across borders, we understand the need to spot potential competition law issues at an early stage. Increasing media prominence is given to competition law infringements, and the level of financial penalties is rising. An unexpected visit from the European Commission or the Competition and Markets Authority, or the launch of a market review or investigation, can be a difficult and time-consuming experience.

We can help you manage your businesses risk. With a well-considered policy on dealing with dawn raids, you can protect your legal interests and manage the immediate burdens of dawn raids. And in the unlikely event that a raid or investigation occurs, we can provide you with an instant response team. We can also help you if you are involved in a broader market review or investigation. We have significant experience of assisting clients in responding to information requests, attending hearings, developing arguments to deploy during the investigation and working with economists and other consultants.

Our multi-disciplinary Risk & Investigations Group of more than 150 specialist contentious and non-contentious competition lawyers in 25 jurisdictions can provide an instant response in the event of a dawn raid and deal with any ensuing investigation - including follow up submissions, handling leniency applications and liaising with the competition authority.

Our practice combines regulatory lawyers and forensic specialists. We have extensive experience of providing client audit and compliance (including mock dawn raids) services which mirror the techniques used by competition and other regulatory authorities. These forensic tools give an understanding of what data a business holds and where, as well as who can access that data and what uses they make of it. Knowing what your company knows and being able to improve systems, combined with the application of first-class substantive competition law skills, can be a very powerful compliance tool.

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