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Banking & Finance Lawyers

Our CMNO Banking & Finance practice can help you navigate every aspect of your proposed lending, borrowing and other financing requirements. Our team based in Dubai has particular expertise in Islamic finance, project finance, leveraged finance, asset finance, trade finance, corporate finance, debt capital markets, insurance and funds and combine their technical knowledge with a regional commercial awareness which has been built up over the significant number of years that they have been working in the UAE. Our clients range from domestic and major global corporates, funds and other financial institutions and advisors active in the Middle East as well as those based in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

A key area of focus for our UAE Banking & Finance practice is Islamic Finance. Our Islamic Finance practice helps clients globally successfully manage the challenges of structuring, documenting and completing transactions in accordance with Shariah principles. There are specific challenges to consider when documenting Shariah compliant transactions including allocating legal, commercial and Shariah risks between parties and ensuring that transactions, products and services which purport to be Shariah compliant do not breach any Shariah prohibitions. Our Islamic Finance practice can guide you through these challenges whether you are an existing participant in the world of Islamic Finance or a new entrant.

Today’s banking and finance transactions require expertise across a wide range of sectors. Our driver is to provide clients with pragmatic advice delivered by a multi-disciplinary team. Whether you are a lender, borrower, sponsor, insolvency practitioner or debt advisor, our priority is resolving your challenges by delivering a combination of local and international expertise.

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Picture of Shakeel Adli
Shakeel Adli
Head of Islamic Finance
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Shakeel Adli is the Head of Islamic Finance at CMS. He specialises in advising lenders, borrowers, sponsors and security providers, whether Shariah compliant or not, on structuring, negotiating and documenting...
Mohammed Majid
Mohammed Majid
Co-Head of Corporate UAE
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Mohammed Majid is a partner and Co-Leads the Corporate Team in CMS Dubai. Mohammed has been based in the Middle East since 2011, prior to which he spent the majority of his career as an M&A and private...