CMS Wins Three Advocatus Clients’ Awards


Austrian daily newspaper DIE PRESSE conferred the Advocatus’13 Clients’ Award to CMS in overall three categories: labour law, corporate law and M&A, and tax law and law of private foundations. Senior Partner Johannes Reich-Rohrwig received the most votes by clients.

On Monday this week, this year’s DIE PRESSE Advocatus Clients’ Awards were presented to the business law firms which had received the most votes by companies. International law firm CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz can be proud of the results: it was the only law firm that companies highly recommend in as many as three categories. CMS received the Advocatus Clients’ Award for corporate law and M&A as well as for tax law and law of private foundations for the first time. In the category labour law, CMS already won for the second time. Senior Partner Johannes Reich-Rohrwig had another reason to celebrate. He received by far the largest number of votes of confidence by clients.

“We are proud to receive these awards. They are a direct feedback from our clients, which shows that they are very content with our work”, Peter Huber, managing partner and head of the corporate transactions team of CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz, comments. Johannes Reich-Rohrwig is also very happy, “Clients demand not only the best expertise, but they also want their legal advisors to understand their issues in a business context and expect to see genuine personal commitment in enforcing solutions. The awards show that clients get this whole package at CMS.” Bernhard Hainz and Christoph Wolf, who were awarded the Advocatus in the category labour law for the second time already, fully agree with their colleague.

Advocatus’13 Clients’ Awards
In 2012, Austrian daily newspaper DIE PRESSE conferred the Advocatus to renowned business law firms for the first time. Last year, the editorial team picked the most interesting and legally challenging cases handled by business law firms. This year, the selection was left to the consulted companies. They were asked to recommend law firms and lawyers in eight categories. Every company that had experience with business law firms could submit their votes. The law firm that received the most votes in a practice field was awarded the Advocatus’13 Clients’ Award.

Caption: from left to right.: Günther Hanslik, Alexander Rakosi, Wieland Schmid-Schmidsfelden,
Johannes Reich-Rohrwig, Johannes Trenkwalder, Peter Huber.

Caption: from left to right: Bernhard Hainz, Christoph Wolf

Caption: from left to right: Sibylle Novak, Johannes Reich-Rohrwig

CMS Wins Three Advocatus Clients’ Awards
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