Peter Huber Once Again Con­firmed as Man­aging Part­ner of CMS Reich-Rohr­wig Hainz


For the second time, the CMS partners re-elected Peter Huber (49) as managing partner. From 1 February 2013, he will head the international law firm for a further three years.

Peter Huber is starting his third term as managing partner in the new office building at Gauerman-ngasse in Vienna, which CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz moved into at the beginning of the year. “The clients’ benefit and our problem-solving skills for the most complex questions of commercial law are at the core of our work. We will even more swiftly adapt our services to the developments in our cli-ents’ market environments and relevant changes in the respective legal frameworks. In doing so, offer-ing advice in interactive ways will gain in importance. Moreover, CMS will further expand its activi-ties in Southeast European markets true to its long-term commitment to that region”, Peter Huber briefly summarises the priorities of the international law firm.

Dr. Peter Huber, LL.M. (Yale), heads the international transactions team of CMS. The former in-vestment banker is among the leading experts for takeover law, M&A and private equity. Please download for free a picture of Peter Huber under

Peter Huber Once Again Confirmed as Managing Partner of CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz
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