Com­pany Found­a­tion

Legal steps to founding a company

Steps taken during foundation can be decisive for the fate of the company. Whether the endeavour will thrive does not depend on the business idea alone. Instead, a promising business plan must be implemented effectively – which also means abiding by all applicable laws. As a result, company formation confronts start-ups with legal questions for the first time in addition to the numerous commercial aspects to be kept in mind: How do I found a limited liability company? Do I have to pay VAT? What is the legal framework for my business idea – do my plans violate any laws? These are just three out of many questions you might encounter during this phase.

When dealing with such questions for the first time, their complexity and the frequent changes in their legal foundation can make them seem overwhelming and impossible to navigate for founders. To rule out such a scenario, we would like to offer our expertise to start-up founders. We advise our clients comprehensively on all topics to do with company foundations. In this way, you can fully concentrate on implementing your business idea – without having to worry that you might have forgotten a legal aspect of permits, registrations, grant applications, contracts, etc.

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