Daily Corporate Law

No day goes by without a corporate law question

The establishment of your business went well and you successfully checked off all legal aspects to pay attention to? Then you have arrived in daily operative business. But also after successfully founding a start-up, the day-to-day business and your enterprise’s everyday dealings will produce minor and not so minor corporate law issues that must be addressed with care and profound legal know-how to safeguard the successful continuation of your newly established business.

As you proceed with your commercial activities, you will need to make formal decisions, submit applications for entry in the Austrian company register and appoint managing directors/authorised representatives. On a less frequent level, establishing branches and subsidiaries, capital increases, changes of the company’s legal form or mergers can prove rather difficult for you and other involved people in your company, particularly if you have little prior experience with these matters. And beyond these core issues of corporate law, you might come across questions of related legal fields, including managing directors’ liability, the prohibition of repayment of contributions, or minority rights of small shareholders. Questions can also arise related to preemptive rights, convertible bonds or a planned distribution of profits. Having worked on such topics for many years, we will be happy to provide our advice on any corporate law question you might have.

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