Litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution

When founding and managing a start-up, due efforts should be made to avoid disputes that can harm the company, financially or with regard to the created brand image.

And still disputes can arise: with regard to the protection of your business idea, the articles of association and non-disclosure agreements or data protection matters, to name just a few examples. In such a case you might have to go to court, a court of arbitration or engage in an alternative dispute resolution process to enforce your rights. Our experienced and internationally active litigation attorneys and arbitration experts can help you solve your dispute in almost any jurisdiction.

Particularly when we work with start-ups, we focus on being legal advisors with a commercially oriented mindset aimed at fixing problems. Considering the costs and duration of legal proceedings, we thus know that litigation at court is often not the best solution and can harm your company. Against this backdrop, we help you analyse risks, handle negotiations and identify the strategically best solution. If there is no way around litigation at court, we will plan and prepare all necessary steps in close collaboration with you.

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