• | advising on the establishment of the company, various data supply agreements that form the basis for its AI solutions, on a co-operation agreement with a UK fund, a robust tax scheme, and all other items
  • ATeis | advising on IP matters, including a patent filing and a licensing agreement
  • Digital Privacy | advising on several financing rounds
  • Apeiron biologics | advising on corporate law, including shareholder matters, and commercial matters
  • Fittrack | advising on the establishment of the company, the change of its legal form, a capital increase and the first external financing round, as well as commercial matters (T&Cs etc)
  • Haplogen | advising on shareholder matters
  • iFactor: advising on the establishment of the company
  • Internic | advising on all corporate and commercial law matters
  • | advising on shareholder matters as well as the initial financing round on a convertible loan basis
  • Olligo | advising the Malta parent company on an initial financing round including shareholder matters
  • Prevedex | advising on the legal aspects of the initial business plan as well as tax structures and the establishment of the company
  • Psiori | advising on IP matters and co-operations on various AI use cases
  • Reintrieb | advising on the establishment of the company and its first financing round
  • Snapscreen | advising on IP, employment and tax matters, as well as shareholder matters, providing know-how for incentive schemes for employees
  • Tupalo | advising on shareholder matters
  • VBC Genomics | advising on commercial and corporate law matters, including shareholder matters, including its exit to Swedish company Phadia

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