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Dominik Stella


CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz
Rechtsanwälte GmbH
Gauermanngasse 2
1010 Vienna
Languages German, English

Dominik Stella has been am associate at CMS in Vienna since August 2016, with a special focus on employment and social law. He studied law at the Universities of Vienna and Oslo and, whilst studying at university, worked as a research assistant at the University of Vienna’s Institute for Employment and Social Law. Dominik Stella worked as a project team member and university assistant for Professor Robert Rebhahn from 2015 to 2016.

He is the author of various scientific publications in the areas of employment and social law and was also co-author for various expert opinion papers, among others for the Austrian federal government. He was further able to gain valuable experience at various Viennese law firms and also completed an internship at the Austrian Embassy in London, which lasted for several months.

Dominik Stella speaks fluent German and English.

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  • 2015 - Magister, Faculty of Law at the University of Vienna
  • 2015 - Doctorate, Faculty of Law at the University of Vienna
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  • Klausel betreffend die dienstliche Nutzung sozialer Netzwerke (Clause on using social networks for works purposes, German publication), ZAS 2014/46 
  • Alterspension. Altrecht, APG und Kontoerstgutschrift - ein systematischer Aufriss (Old age pension. Former legal regime, Austrian Pensions Act and first booking to the pension’s account - a systematic overview, German publication), JAP 2015/2016/9 
  • Vereinbarung über die dienstliche Nutzung privater Smartphones (Agreement on using private smartphones for works purposes , German publication), ("Bring Your Own Device - BYOD"), ZAS 2015/56 
  • Bekleidungsvorschriften und die Persönlichkeitsrechte der Arbeitnehmer (Dress codes and the employee’s personal rights, German publication), ZAS 2016/14 
  • Arbeits- und Sozialgericht kann das Vorliegen einer konkreten Berufskrankheit als Vorfrage prüfen (The labour and social court can establish the presence of an occupational illness as a preliminary question, German publication), DRdA 2017/2 
  • Ist-Lohnklauseln und Unterentlohnung (Actual salary clauses and unlawfully low pay, German publication), ecolex 2017, 280 
  • Schicksal einer Betriebspensionszusage bei Betriebs(teil)übergang (The fate of a works pension plan when ownership of a business is (partly) transferred , German publication) , ZAS 2016/40 
  • Zwei Fragen zum Schlichtungsverfahren nach § 96a ArbVG (Two questions on arbitration as according to Sec 96a of the Austrian Labour Constitutional Act, German publication), ecolex 2013, 818 
  • Wenn der Betriebsrat im Urlaub ist - Probleme der Kündigungsverstätigung nach § 105 ArbVG, in Rechtswissenschaft und Rechtskunde (When the works’ council representatives are on holiday – Problems with providing the works’ council with information as according to Sec 105 of the Austrian Labour Constitutional Act, in Rechtswissenschaft und Rechtskunde, German publication)
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