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Johannes Scharf


CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz
Rechtsanwälte GmbH
Gauermanngasse 2
1010 Vienna
Languages German, English

Johannes Scharf graduated from the University of Vienna’s Faculty of Law in 2009, where he also obtained a special certificate in “Computer and Law”. In 2015, he defended his doctoral thesis in the field of artificial intelligence and law at the University of Vienna. He frequently presented his research findings at scientific conferences and has authored several publications on this topic. Apart from his legal studies Johannes Scharf can also look back on several years of professional experience as a software architect and project manager in the IT sector.

In 2015, Johannes Scharf joined the IP, TMT and commercial law team at CMS as an associate, where he mainly focuses on data protection law and IT law. He is fluent in German and English.

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  • 2015 - Dr. iur, University of Vienna
  • 2009 - Mag. iur, University of Vienna
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  • Datenschutz und Beweis bei Smartcars, in Schweighofer/Kummer/Hötzendorfer/Sorge (Hrsg), Trends und Communities der Rechtsinformatik – Tagungsband des 20. Internationalen Rechtsinformatik Symposions (Data protection and proof for Smart cars, in Schweighofer/Kummer/Hötzendorfer/Sorge (Hrsg), Trends and Communities for legal informatics – Proceedings of the 20th  international legal informatics symposium, German publication) (2017) 581 Scharf/Preiß
  • Modelling the General Data Protection Regulation, in Schweighofer/Kummer/Hötzendorfer/Sorge (Hrsg), Trends und Communities der Rechtsinformatik – Tagungsband des 20. Internationalen Rechtsinformatik Symposions 2017, 139, Agarwal/Kirrane/Scharf
  • Transatlantische Datentransfers nach dem Fall von Safe Harbour (Transatlantic data transfer after the fall of Safe Harbour, German publication), Die Wirtschaft 5/16, 47
  • Künstliche Intelligenz und Recht – Von der Wissensrepräsentation zur automatisierten Entscheidungsfindung (Artificial intelligence and law – from the representation of knowledge to automatic decision making , German publication), 2015
  • Transfer of Personal Data in the Context of Safe Harbor, Juranek/Scharf, CEE Legal Matters 2.4/2015, 77
  • Scharf/Schweighofer, rOWLer – A Rule Engine for Legal Reasoning with Time and Personal Scope, in Galindo/Schweighofer/Serbena (Hrsg), ICAIL Multilingual Workshop on AI & Law Research 2015, 51
  • Wissensrepräsentation und automatisierte Entscheidungsfindung am Beispiel des Kriegsopferversorgungsgesetzes (The representation of knowledge and automatic decision making using the example of the Act on the Welfare of Victims of War, German publication), Dissertation University of Vienna 2015
  • rOWLer – A Hybrid Rule Engine for Legal Reasoning, in Villata/Peroni/Palmirani (Hrsg), Proceedings of the Semantic Web for the Law and Second Jurix Doctoral Consortium Workshops 2014
  • Die Anforderungen an Sprachen zur Formalisierung von Verwaltungsrecht, in Schweighofer/Kummer/Hötzendorfer (Hrsg), Transparenz – Tagungsband des 17. Internationalen Rechtsinformatik Symposions (The
    demands on languages when formalising administrative law, in Schweighofer/Kummer/Hötzendorfer (Hrsg), Transparency – Proceedings of the 17th  international legal informatics symposium, German publication) 2014, 129
  • Abstraktion als Grundlage der automatisierten Vollziehung, in Schweighofer/Kummer/Hötzendorfer (Hrsg), Abstraktion und Applikation – Tagungsband des 16. Internationalen Rechtsinformatik Symposions (Abstraction
    as a basis for automated execution, in Schweighofer/Kummer/Hötzendorfer (Hrsg), Abstraction und Application – Proceedings of the 16th  international legal informatics symposium, German publication) 2013, 111
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