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Paul Rizzi


CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz
Rechtsanwälte GmbH
Gauermanngasse 2
1010 Vienna
Languages German, English

Paul Rizzi studied law and received a doctor's degree at the University of Vienna. Before joining CMS as an associate in July 2010, he gained professional experience at renowned law firms in Vienna and published articles on corporate law as a member of the research team at the business law journal ‘ecolex’. At CMS, he focuses on private foundations, corporate, commercial and private law including contentious trusts and probate law. Paul Rizzi is fluent in German and English.

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Specialist lectures and commentaries

  • Ausgeweitete Geheimorganentscheidungen (Expanded decisions by secret bodies, German publication), ecolex 2016, 226
  • Der hartnäckige Gläubiger der GmbH – Die Pfändung von Ansprüchen der GmbH gegen ihren Geschäftsführer (The ltd company's persistent creditor- The pledging of company's claims against their managing director, German publication), ecolex 2014, 492 (Paul Rizzi/Arno Zimmermann)
  • Der angeblich aufsichtsratsähnliche Beirat und das angebliche Kontrolldefizit der Privatstiftung (Private foundations' apparent lack of control and the advisory board apparently similar to a supervisory board, German publication), ecolex 2014, 149
  • Rücksichtslosigkeit bei der Kapitalerhöhung (Reckless behaviour when increasing capital, German publication), ecolex 2013, 538 (Johannes Reich-Rohrwig/Paul Rizzi)
  • Fundatio Europaea – Die gemeinnützige Europäische Stiftung (Fundatio Europaea – The charitable European Foundation, German publication), ecolex 2012, 698 (Paul Rizzi/Luca Schicho)
  • Neuerungen durch das Budget-Begleitgesetz 2011 – Ein Machtwort des Gesetzgebers im Stiftungsrecht? Teil II (Innovations through the Accompanying Budget Act 2011 – Is the legislator laying down the law with regards to private foundations? Part II, German publication), GeS 2011, 483 (Paul Rizzi/Alexander Babinek)
  • Neuerungen durch das Budget-Begleitgesetz 2011 – Ein Machtwort des Gesetzgebers im Stiftungsrecht? Teil I (Innovations through the Accompanying Budget Act 2011 – Is the legislator laying down the law with regards to private foundations? Part I, German publication), GeS 2011, 423. (Paul Rizzi/Alexander Babinek)
  • Zur Zulässigkeit von Weisungsrechten und anderen Kontrollmechanismen gegenüber dem Stiftungsvorstand (The admissibility of the right to issue instructions and other control mechanisms for foundation boards, German publication), ecolex 2010, 56. (Christian Feltl/Paul Rizzi)
  • Weitere Einschränkung der Rechte von Begünstigten einer Privatstiftung (Further limitations on the rights of private foundation beneficiaries, German publication), ecolex 2009, 959.
  • Zur Abberufung von Vorstandsmitgliedern der Privatstiftung (On the dismissal of members of private foundation boards, German publication), ecolex 2009, 410. (Christian Feltl/Paul Rizzi
  • Glosse zu OGH 14.1.2016, 6 Ob 244/15y (Commentary to Surpreme Court 14.1.2016, 6 Ob 244/15y, German publication) = ecolex 2016/395, 891 
  • Glosse zu OGH 23.2.2016, 6 Ob 237/15v (Commentary to Surpreme Court 23.2.2016, 6 Ob 237/15v, German publication) = ecolex 2016/228, 503 
  • Glosse zu OGH 21.12.2015, 6 Ob 108/15y (Commentary to Surpreme Court 21.12.2015, 6 Ob 108/15y, German publication) = ecolex 2016/227, 501 
  • Glosse zu OGH 15.12.2014, 6 Ob 121/14h (Commentary to Surpreme Court 15.12.2014, 6 Ob 121/14h, German publication) = ecolex 2015/383, 876 
  • Glosse zu OGH 19.11.2014, 6 Ob 140/14b (Commentary to Surpreme Court 19.11.2014, 6 Ob 140/14b, German publication)  = ecolex 2015/159, 396 
  • Glosse zu OGH 28.8.2014, 6 Ob 32/14w (Commentary to Surpreme Court 28.8.2014, 6 Ob 32/14w, German publication)  = GesRZ 2015, 205 
  • Glosse zu OGH 15.12.2014, 6 Ob 13/14m (Commentary to Surpreme Court 15.12.2014, 6 Ob 13/14m, German publication)= ecolex 2015/120, 306 
  • Glosse zu OGH 28.8.2014, 6 Ob 137/13k (Commentary to Surpreme Court 28.8.2014, 6 Ob 137/13k, German publication) = ecolex 2015/119, 304 
  • Glosse zu OGH 9.10.2014, 6 Ob 198/13f (Commentary to Surpreme Court 9.10.2014, 6 Ob 198/13f, German publication) = ecolex 2015/19, 45 
  • Glosse zu OGH 4.11.2013, 10 Ob 22/13b (Commentary to Surpreme Court 4.11.2013, 10 Ob 22/13b, German publication) = ecolex 2014/134, 341 
  • Glosse zu OGH 8.5.2013, 6 Ob 57/13w (Commentary to Surpreme Court 8.5.2013, 6 Ob 57/13w14w, German publication) = ecolex 2013/444, 1084 
  • Glosse zu OGH 15.10.2012, 6 Ob 157/12z (Commentary to Surpreme Court 15.10.2012, 6 Ob 157/12z, German publication) = ecolex 2013/137, 351 
  • Glosse zu OGH 14.7.2011, 3 Ob 177/10s (Commentary to Surpreme Court 14.7.2011, 3 Ob 177/10s, German publication) = ecolex 2012/24, 54 
  • Glosse zu OGH 24.2.2011, 6 Ob 195/10k (Commentary to Surpreme Court 24.2.2011, 6 Ob 195/10k, German publication) = ecolex 2011/176, 429 
  • Glosse zu OGH 6.11.2008, 6 Ob 81/08p (Commentary to Surpreme Court 6.11.2008, 6 Ob 81/08p, German publication) = ecolex 2009/230, 600


  • Privatstiftung: "OGH entmündigt Begünstigte zunehmend" (Private foundations: “Supreme Court increasingly disenfranchising beneficiaries”, German publication), Die Presse 18.12.2013 
  • Mehr Rechte für die Begünstigten (More rights for beneficiaries, German publication), Der Standard 02.05.2017
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Lectures list


  • Various lectures on topics relating to succession law and foundation law at several private banks active in Austria. 
  • Lecture on the topic “Focus: the foundation board's work” at Jahrestag Stiftungen 2015 at the Academy for Tax and Law. 
  • Lecture on the topic “Reorganisation of private foundations” at Jahrestag Stiftungen 2016 at the Academy for Tax and Law. 
  • Held several individual lectures for the lecture series “Incorporated entity law” by Univ.-Prof. Dr Johannes Reich-Rohrwig at the University of Vienna's Faculty of Law 
  • Various lectures at internal events for CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz Rechtsanwälte GmbH, mainly on topics related to corporate law, succession law and foundation law. 
In Preparation: 
  • Workshop on the topic “The liability of managing directors”, specially offered for start-uppers at the Platform Courseticket for 2017.
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