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Environmental Law


We define our practice as pioneer, multisectorial, preventive, critical and innovative:

Pioneer.- We are the first law firm in Peru to form an area of practice dedicated exclusively to legal advice in environmental issues.

Multisectorial.- We have an integral knowledge of Peruvian environmental law as we have provide specialized advice to leading companies in each of the sectors of our economy, such as: energy, aviation, mining, hydrocarbons, chemical, industrial, (disencumbrance), fishery, among others.

Preventive.- Consistent with the preventive nature of environmental law, we assist our clients in their efforts to fully comply with environmental regulations. In this context, we identify and update all legal requirements applicable to the organization, evaluate the proper compliance in the field, absolve their doubts and provide specialized training and consultancy.

Critical.- Result of our critical spirit, we devise legal strategies and solutions for our clients, integrating Environmental Law with the dynamics of the ecosystem and technology.

Innovative.- We have merged our services with computer technology and the internet, which has made our Legal Informational products a standard for the Peruvian mining industry.

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