Company Law


The Netherlands have a closed system of legal entities under private law. The law stipulates that associations, cooperatives, mutual insurance companies, public limited companies, private limited companies and foundations all have legal personality. Because of this legal personality, a legal entity is equivalent to a natural person as far as property law is concerned.

If you intend to set up a business or develop activities in this direction, it is extremely important for you to choose the most appropriate legal form. Tax aspects, for example, may play an important role in your choice. In order to set up one of the above legal entities, with the exception of an association with limited legal authority, according to Dutch law a notarial deed is required and therefore you cannot do this without the help of a civil-law notary.

CMS will assist you from both a notarial and tax point of view in choosing the most suitable legal entity to achieve your intended purpose. We will take care of setting up this legal entity and will of course be happy to give you advice and answer any questions afterwards.

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