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Our cross-border teams understand the details of your business and the environment you work in.

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Corporate / M&A Lawyers

You are looking for a lawyer for corporate/M&A law? As one of the largest corporate law firms in the world, our legal experts advise you in all areas of corporate/M&A law - both in Austria and internationally. 

Please find the contact details of our lawyers for corporate/M&A law in the list below.

You can find further information on our corporate/M&A law department here.

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Picture of Dieter Zandler
Dieter Zandler
Attorney-at-law for antitrust law
Austria, Vienna
Specialisation in competition law & EUDieter Zandler is an attorney-at-law specialising in European and Austrian antitrust law as well as in corporate law/M&A.BranchesHe represents national and international...
Picture of Martin Zuffer
Martin Zuffer
Attorney-at-law for capital market law
Austria, Vienna
Specialisation in capital market lawMartin Zuffer is an attorney-at-law specialised in capital market law. He is a partner at CMS and heads the Banking and Capital Markets Law Team. In addition he...
Picture of Rainer Wachter
Rainer Wachter
Attorney-at-law for Compliance
Austria, Vienna
Specialisation in complianceRainer Wachter is an attorney-at-law for compliance and forensic services and a leading expert in corporate law/M&A. At CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz, he heads this division and...
Picture of Johannes Trenkwalder
Johannes Trenkwalder
Attorney-at-law for corporate law/M&A and energy law | Managing Partner Kyiv, RRH
Austria, Vienna
Ukraine, Kyiv
Specialisation in energy lawJohannes Trenkwalder is an attorney-at-law for energy law and a leading expert in the field of corporate law/M&A. He is a partner of CMS in Vienna and a member of our Transaction...
Picture of Johannes Reich Rohrwig
Johannes Reich-Rohrwig
Austria, Vienna
Specialisation in private clientsJohannes Reich-Rohrwig is attorney-at-law for inheritance law and private clients. He is one of the leading lawyers in Austria in the fields of corporate law, commercial...
Picture of Alexander Rakosi
Alexander Rakosi
Attorney-at-law for corporate law/M&A
Austria, Vienna
Specialisation insolvency & restructuringAlexander Rakosi is an attorney-at-law for insolvency & restructuring and a leading expert in the areas of private equity as well as corporate law/M&A. He is a...
Picture of Sibylle Novak
Sibylle Novak
Attorney-at-law for tax law
Austria, Vienna
Specialisation in tax lawSibylle Novak is an attorney-at-law specialised in tax law. She is a partner at CMS and an expert in national and international tax law. She is one of the few lawyers in Austria...
Picture of Peter Huber
Peter Huber
Attorney-at-law for corporate law/M&A
Austria, Vienna
Specialisation in corporate/M&APeter Huber is a attorney-at-law for corporate/M&A. He is partner and Head of the CMS Austria International Transaction Team and has decades of professional experience in...
Picture of Johannes Hysek
Johannes Hysek
Attorney-at-law for Real Estate & Construction
Austria, Vienna
Specialisation in real estate lawJohannes Hysek is an attorney-at-law for real estate law. He advises clients in Germany and abroad on a wide range of topics from financing agreements to the acquisition,...
Picture of Gregor Famira
Gregor Famira
Attorney-at-law for the hotel and leisure industries
Austria, Vienna
Croatia, Zagreb
Slovenia, Ljubljana
Specialisation in corporate law/M&AGregor Famira is a corporate and M&A attorney-at-law and a leading expert in the hotel and leisure industry. He is a partner of CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz in Vienna and...