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Gaël Chuffart


CMS DeBacker
Chaussée de La Hulpe 178
1170 Brussels
Languages French, Dutch, English

Gaël Chuffart advises on a wide range of employment law and social security matters.

Gaël is a specialist in collective labour relations (collective redundancies, reorganization, strikes, collective labour agreements, harmonisation of working conditions, working hours, etc.), individual labour law (dismissal, harassment, changes in working conditions, etc.) and remuneration conditions (wage policy, stock option plans, fringe benefits, income optimisation, etc.).

He also advises on the international movement of employees. He is particularly competent in matters relating to secondment from a labour, social security and tax perspective (salary splits, expatriation schemes, etc.).

Furthermore, he provides specialized assistance in complementary pension schemes (and related products) and the use of technology and communication in the work place (internet, e-mail, telework, privacy …).

Gaël Chuffart regularly publishes on these topics and is a sought after speaker for seminars.

Gaël is recommended by Legal 500 EMEA.

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Gaël Chuffart [...] is "authoritative and knowledgeable"

Legal 500, 2018

“…Gaël Chuffart is professional, reliable and pragmatic.”

Legal 500 EMEA - 2013

Relevant experience

  • Assisting international companies in the framework of their restructuration process
  • Assisting numerous international companies active in the luxury, entertainment and industry sectors to set up lobbying branches in Belgium (including affiliation to the Belgian social security, subscription of the required insurances …)
  • Assisting international non-profit associations to obtain work and residence Belgian permits for their foreign workers
  • Termination contract of senior executives with a risk of a few millions for numerous international  clients
  • Assisting a major pharmaceutical company in order to set up employees benefit scheme
  • Drafting the entire labour documents (including work regulation, employment contract …) for Belgian subsidiaries of company active in logistics
  • Obtaining court orders for a leading food retailer allowing them to continue to work during strike action,
  • Crisis management situations and sessions aimed at avoiding strikes by sorting out problems and reaching consensus
  • Advising, negotiating and assisting in every aspects of the employment policies and practices a major company in the alcoholic drink industry
  • Assisting and advising one of Belgium’s largest group insurance providers  
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  • 2001 - University of Brussels, ULB (Law Degree)
  • 2001 - University of Rotterdam, EU (Law Degree)
  • 2001 - Bar admission (Brussels, Belgium)
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  • Member of the Belgian Employment Association (A.J.P.D.S. - Association des Juristes Praticiens de Droit Social)
  • Member of the “Chambre de commerce belgo-luxembourgeoise à Paris”
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Lectures list

  • G. Chuffart, B. Simonart, « Pensions complémentaires », webinar Kluwer, 21 April 2016
  • G. Chuffart, « Pensions complémentaires : aspects sociaux et fiscaux applicables aux travailleurs salariés, en ce compris les nouvelles mesures fiscales applicables », BECI, 30 mai 2013
  • G. Chuffart, « Aspects fiscaux et sociaux des pensions complémentaires du 2ième pilier, en ce compris les mesures fiscales », Union des Praticiens de la Fiscalité, 23 avril 2013
  • G. Chuffart, « Modalités et indemnités en cas de rupture », IFE, 13 October 2010
  • G. Chuffart, P. Degouis,  « Eléments pertinents du droit social pour l’audit », Institut des Réviseurs d’Entreprises, 24 November 2009
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Novem­ber 2018 News­let­ter
New "profit bo­nus" rules in force since Janu­ary 2019
Since 1 Janu­ary 2018, an em­ploy­er has been able to grant its em­ploy­ees a cash bo­nus based on part or all of the profits of the fin­an­cial year (the so-called “profit bo­nus”). This profit bo­nus en­joys at­tract­ive so­cial and tax be­ne­fits.
February 2018
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The single per­mit in­tro­duced in Bel­gi­um
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An out­place­ment of­fer can be de­clined on med­ic­al grounds
Since the “single status” re­form of Decem­ber 2013, any em­ploy­ee dis­missed with more than 30 weeks’ no­tice is en­titled to an out­place­ment pro­gramme paid for by the em­ploy­er. As a coun­ter­part, and provided that the em­ploy­ee is dis­missed with im­me­di­ate ef­fect.
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Flexi-jobs: no longer just for the Hore­ca sec­tor!
The law of 16 Novem­ber 2015 in­sti­tuted a new form of em­ploy­ment. Em­ploy­ees who already have a prin­cip­al oc­cu­pa­tion with one or more em­ploy­er(s) of at least 4/5 work­ing days a week may  take up a com­ple­ment­ary job with an­oth­er em­ploy­er, i.
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E-com­merce to­wards flex­ib­il­ity!
In Bel­gi­um, night work, i. e. work un­der­taken between 8pm and 6am, is pro­hib­ited. The le­gis­lat­or can, nev­er­the­less, stip­u­late ex­cep­tions to this pro­hib­i­tion. Ac­cord­ing to the Gov­ern­ment, e-com­merce activ­it­ies on Bel­gian ter­rit­ory are un­der tre­mend­ous pres­sure.
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Bel­gian rules re­gard­ing work­ing time at off­shore wind farms
With ap­prox­im­ately 712 MW off­shore wind ca­pa­city at present, and the con­struc­tion of five new off­shore wind farms, Bel­gi­um is a world­wide lead­er in the off­shore pro­duc­tion of elec­tri­city. In 2020, 2400 MW shall be in­stalled along Bel­gi­um’s coast.