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Dear Reader,

We have all been very much affected by the sudden loss of our friend and colleague Michaël De Leersnyder. His brilliance, dedication and wit will leave a lasting mark on us all. Mike was a partner in our labour law department for more than 10 years and he was also a member of our board. He will be sorely missed.

We would like to thank all our clients, colleagues and friends who sent us their condolences and who shared their warm words with us. Your support really means a lot to us and to Mike’s wife and his two teenage daughters. Our thoughts go out to them.

You have all heard of the new Belgian Federal Government’s structural measures to improve the competitiveness of the Belgian economy. While this will prove to be good news for many businesses, the wildcat strike actions of last week and the announced strike actions for the coming weeks and months seem to herald a winter of discontent. Companies whose locations, activist unions, etc. make them vulnerable to blockages or strikes should remember to review their contingency plans and track announced strike actions to prepare for any disruptions.

We will, of course, keep you posted on the impact of the governmental measures, once the practical aspects are known.

In this month’s newsletter we cover such developments as reform of the securities interests over moveable asset, change in the rules regarding branch 23 insurances and profit sharing, establishing a European Account Preservation Order procedure and much more.

Gaël Chuffart


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