October 2016 Newsletter



Dear Reader,

Perhaps you have already seen it in the media: CMS, Nabarro and Olswang combine to create the 6th largest law firm in the UK and the 6th largest firm globally.

This merger creates a world-class strength of 4,500 lawyers who are experts in their fields and in their sectors, and who will together lead the change in the legal industry and meet the needs of clients internationally. The legal market is changing and demands a new approach for the benefit of our clients. Our clients are at the heart of this merger's rationale.

As always, we are pleased to bring you the latest legal news in our October newsletter, which contains updates on banking and finance, labour law, state aid, competition, tax and intellectual property law. Please also check out the seminars we are organizing in November.

Have an enjoyable read,

Tom Heremans

Managing Partner

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Lisbeth Depypere
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Benoît Vandervelde
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Romain Rolland
Junior Associate
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Annabelle Lepièce
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Hanne Baeyens
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Kim Gillade
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Delphine Phan
Junior Associate
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Sophie Berg
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Olivier Querinjean
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Alexis Hallemans
Associate Partner
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