Stock Exchange


An increase of the remuneration control instruments for directors, new constraints imposed by the notion of social and environmental responsibility: listed companies and their directors are facing more critical problems. They not only have to comply with regulatory constraints but, they also have to strive to meet the aspirations of civil society – which means knowing how to anticipate them.

Our practice areas

Listed companies of all sizes, companies in the phase of pre-initial public offering or providers of investment services, our cross-functional and specialised teams will accompany you in:

  • Optimisation of corporate governance and shareholder advice:
    - Structuring of pay and directors’ retirement plans
    - Structuring shareholders’ agreements and concerted actions
  • Annual and daily management of market obligations:
    - Advice on financial communications
    - Drafting of registration documents and annual reports, preparation of General Meetings
  • Issues related to initial public offering (by public offer or by private placement on Euronext, Alternext or the free market):
    - Advice on public offerings of debt instruments and equity securities
    - Detailed consideration of the appropriate exchange and the issue type
  • Public offer management:
    - Public offer, block purchase, public buy-back offer – squeeze out, Public to private, Private investment in public equity (PIPE)
    - Advice on companies targeted for takeover bids
  • Management of pre-litigation and litigation stages:
    - Prevention of insider trading and misconduct
    - Pre-litigation strategy, assistance in control of investigation and hearing stages, and conflicts between shareholders
Our approach
  • A global and multidisciplinary approach: fully aware of the economic and financial implications of their recommendations, and depending on the complexity of the case, our lawyers work closely with other tax, legal and employment experts in order to provide a comprehensive advisory service.
  • Decision-making support based on advice and assistance: we take your objectives into account in order to ensure you make the right decisions for the long term.
  • The ability to deal with matters of an international nature: in cooperation with other members of CMS, we have a thorough knowledge of local business law thanks to our historic footprint.
  • Rigorous methods: we conduct needs assessments and put in place tailored strategies to partner you through the different phases of your operations, for both our advisory and dispute settlement services.
Our team
  • Our team consists of lawyers specialised in stock exchange law.
  • As every mission you entrust to us is different, where necessary, we create ad hoc teams coordinated by a partner. The partner's role is to provide you with a single point of contact, and guarantee quality of service, conflict of interest management and billing.
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