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Achieving business success in highly regulated markets requires effective management of commercial risks and of your supplier and customer relationships. Whether you are an international or domestic business active in the CEE region, you can rely on our advice on complex and multi-jurisdictional contractual arrangements and our knowledge of the commercial issues facing the sectors in which you operate. We have advised many international companies on entering CEE markets over the years and continue to assist them as they grow their businesses in the region.

With over 350 commercial and regulatory lawyers across 39 countries, our multi-disciplinary teams are trained to understand the legal cultural and business factors impacting your commercial arrangements. We organise our teams around sectors and industries relevant to you, including financial services, manufacturing, automotive, consumer products, energy, hotels and leisure, infrastructure and projects, life sciences & healthcare, supply and logistics, real estate and construction, technology, telecoms, media and sports. We can guide you towards the best business outcome, whether you require advice on commercial contracts, supply services, e-commerce, IT or telecoms agreements, data protection, design and manufacturing, advertising, sponsorship and marketing, consumer sales, software licensing, outsourcing, or sales, agency, distribution and franchise agreements.

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Iain Batty
E-pub­lic pro­cure­ment CEE 2018
CJEU Ad­voc­ate Gen­er­al ap­proves In­vest­ment Court Sys­tem in EU-Canada...
On 29 Janu­ary 2019, Ad­voc­ate Gen­er­al Yves Bot of the EU Court of Justice (CJEU) pub­lished his opin­ion that the in­vestor-state dis­pute set­tle­ment mech­an­ism of the EU-Canada Com­pre­hens­ive Eco­nom­ic and Trade Agree­ment (CETA) is com­pat­ible with EU law.
25 June 2018
CEE Green­field Guide
Third edi­tion
An­nounce­ment of fi­nal feas­ib­il­ity study for Balkan gas hub delayed
The date for the re­lease of the Bul­gartrans­gaz EAD sponsored feas­ib­il­ity study has been changed.   Ini­tially sched­uled for Feb­ru­ary 28, Bul­gartrans­gaz has now is­sued a "hold off" no­tice for its round table to re­lease the fi­nal res­ults of the Feas­ib­il­ity Study.
June 2018
On­line Stress Test
Test your know-how pro­tec­tion
Dot eu do­main names in a no deal Brexit - What's the plan?
In­tro­duc­tion EUR­id is the private, in­de­pend­ent, not for profit or­gan­isa­tion that has op­er­ated the. eu TLD since 2003. Last year EUR­id re­por­ted the EU Com­mis­sion’s No­tice to Stake­hold­ers which an­nounced that in the event of a no deal Brexit, UK in­di­vidu­als and.
Green­field In­vest­ments in CEE 2018
Bul­gari­a's meas­ures to pro­mote com­pressed and li­que­fied nat­ur­al gas
In its bid to trans­pose Dir­ect­ive 2014/94/ЕС on the De­ploy­ment of Al­tern­at­ive Fuels In­fra­struc­ture, the Bul­gari­an Coun­cil of Min­is­ters ad­op­ted a na­tion­al policy frame­work (first draf­ted on 26 Janu­ary 2017 and amended in May 2018) for de­vel­op­ing a mar­ket for.
For good com­merce
Bro­chure Com­mer­cial
Bul­garia to hold second in­ter­na­tion­al tender for the Belene nuc­le­ar...
After three con­struc­tion at­tempts over nearly 40 years, the Bul­gari­an gov­ern­ment is plan­ning to re­sume work on the Belene Nuc­le­ar Power Plant with the launch of a second in­ter­na­tion­al tender for in­vestors.
Em­bar­goes and sanc­tions. What should the busi­ness know?
Fi­nal feas­ib­il­ity study for Balkan gas hub sched­uled for Feb­ru­ary...
On 28 Feb­ru­ary 2019, the fi­nal res­ults of the Feas­ib­il­ity Study for the Balkan Gas Hub will be presen­ted at a ‘round table’ event or­gan­ised by Bul­gartrans­gaz EAD in Sofia.   The fol­low­ing top­ics will be presen­ted at this event:    •  Fi­nal res­ults of the.