CMS ad­vises Merbag on the Ac­quis­i­tion of Mer­cedes-Benz Mil­ano from Mer­cedes-Benz Italia (Daimler Group)


Zurich | A team of CMS Switzerland and CMS Italy led by Stefan Brunnschweiler, Global Head of the CMS Corporate/M&A Group, advised the Swiss-headquartered Merbag Holding AG on the legal aspects of the acquisition of the in Italy based Merbag S.p.A. (formerly Mercedes-Benz Milano S.p.A.) from Mercedes-Benz Italia S.p.A (Daimler Group).
Merbag Group is a leader in the Swiss automotive retail sector. Merbag S.p.A. located in Milan, is an Italian company specialised in the sale of vehicles, spare parts and related support services. As a result of the acquisition, Merbag Group will be able to gain a foothold in the Italian automotive sector.
CMS Switzerland
Stefan Brunnschweiler, Lead Partner, Corporate/M&A
Dr Daniel Jenny, Partner, Corporate/M&A
Andrea Ferchl, Associate, Corporate/M&A
Anna Tomaschek, Associate, Corporate/M&A
CMS Italy
Paolo Scarduelli, Partner, Corporate/M&A
Lorenzo Bocedi, Counsel, Corporate/M&A