Picture of Beat von Rechenberg

Dr Beat von Rechenberg, M.C.J.

Of Counsel

CMS von Erlach Poncet Ltd.
Dreikönigstrasse 7
P.O. Box
8022 Zurich
Languages French, English, German

Beat von Rechenberg is retained as corporate counsel by various foreign companies with substantial investments in Switzerland. In addition, with his background as former law clerk and as former Investigator appointed by the Swiss Bankers Association he has a wide experience as a litigator and fact finder. Finally, as former Chairman of the Zurich Bar Association (1999/2000) and past President of the Swiss Bar Association (July 2011 – June 2013) he is regarded and accepted as impartial umpire with high reputation and, accordingly, is regularly appointed as arbitrator or as chairman in ICC, UNCITRAL, ad-hoc arbitration and, in particular, in arbitral procedures governed by the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration.

Beat von Rechenberg served more than two years (1975–1977) as clerk at the Zurich District Court and later at the Zurich Court of Appeals. Further, he worked one year with the New York law firm Fox Glynn & Melamed (today split in Fox & Horan and Becker Glynn Melamed & Muffly). 

In 1981 Beat von Rechenberg joined von Erlach & Partner, from 1987 - 2018 he was a partner at CMS. He has been Of Counsel at CMS since 2019. 

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CMS von Erlach Poncet is represented by the “legendary” Beat von Rechenberg. He is a “longstanding figurehead” in corporate disputes, who has “seen and done everything”.

Who’s Who Legal Switzerland 2015

Relevant experience

  • Counsel to Kunstmuseum Bern in the matter Estate of Cornelius Gurlitt
  • Counsel to a SAirGroup board member in responsibility cases
  • Counsel to SIKA board members in responsibility case
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  • 1980 – Master of Comparative Jurisprudence, M.C.J., New York University (USA)
  • 1978 – Doktorat, Dr. iur, magna cum laude, Universität Basel
  • 1977 – Anwaltspatent
  • 1975 – Rechtsstudium, lic. iur., magna cum laude, Universität Zürich
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  • Zürcher Anwaltsverband (ZAV)
  • Schweizerischer Anwaltsverband (SAV)
  • Investigator appointed by Swiss Bankers Association
  • Swiss Arbitration Association
  • Swiss Panel of ICC Arbitration
  • Deputy Member of the Attorney Supervisory Board of the Zurich Court of Appeals
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  • “Offshore Leaks” : Anwälte unter Generalverdacht, Anwaltsrevue 5/2013, S. 204
  • Was länger währt, wird noch besser. Schutz des Klientengeheimnisses in den Verfahrensgesetzen des Bundes, Anwaltsrevue 4/2013, S. 147
  • Neues Anwaltsgesetz: egoistisch? Realitätsfremd?, Anwaltsrevue 3/2013, S. 76
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