Dr Nino Sievi, LL.M.


CMS von Erlach Poncet Ltd.
Dreikönigstrasse 7
P.O. Box
8022 Zurich
Languages German, English, French, Spanish

Nino Sievi focuses on litigation and arbitration.

He specializes in cross-border disputes. Having qualified in three jurisdictions, he is in a unique position to advise clients in this area. In addition, he has gained significant specialist knowledge in international law due to his doctoral dissertation on the Lugano Convention and his postgraduate studies at the University of Cambridge.

As an accredited commercial mediator, Nino Sievi represents our clients in settlement negotiations and mediation proceedings. He also advises on white collar crime matters.

He has joined our firm as an associate in 2014.

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Relevant experience

  • Representation of an aircraft owner in an arbitration against the former operations manager.
  • Representation of an aircraft broker in an arbitration under Swiss Rules.
  • Representation of an energy trader in an arbitration under ICC Rules.
  • Representation of a consulting firm in an arbitration under Swiss Rules against a former client for outstanding payments.
  • Representation of a construction firm in an arbitration under ICC Rules.
  • Representation of a real estate company in state court proceedings for damages due to defects in the sold properties.
  • Representation of a finance company in confiscation proceedings brought by the Federal Prosecutor.
  • Representation of a finance company in an enforcement proceeding brought by the Swiss Financial Regulatory Authority (FINMA).
  • Regular representation of clients in proceedings in relation to the enforcement of foreign judgments.
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  • 2018 – LL.M. in international law, University of Cambridge
  • 2018 – Bar transfer test for admission to the bar of England & Wales, BPP Law School, London
  • 2017 – Accredited commercial mediator, CEDR, London
  • 2017 – Bar transfer test for admission to the bar of Germany, Landesjustizprüfungsamt Stuttgart
  • 2017 – PhD in Law, University of Fribourg (summa cum laude, Joseph Vigener Preis)
  • 2014 – Bar Admission (Zurich)
  • 2012 – MLaw, University of Fribourg (summa cum laude)
  • 2011 – Certificate in Transnational Legal Studies, Center for Transnational Legal Studies, London
  • 2010 – BLaw, University of Fribourg (summa cum laude)
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  • Zurich Bar Association (ZAV)
  • Swiss Bar Association (SAV)
  • YIAG
  • ASA below 40
  • AIJA
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  • Switzerland to revise its international arbitration law, Law-Now – 9 November 2018.
  • Brexit to take the UK out of the Lugano Convention governing judgments with Switzerland, Law-Now – 23 October 2018.
  • Federal Tribunal upholds conviction of asset manager for not disclosing retrocessions, ILO White Collar Crime Newsletter – 8 October 2018 (with Bernhard Lötscher).
  • Bewilligungspflicht als Emissionshaus [Authorisation requirement for issuing houses], GesKR 2018, pp. 379 – 389 (with Matthias Kuert).
  • Auswirkungen des Brexit auf die Vollstreckung von ausländischen Urteilen [Implications of Brexit for the enforcement of foreign judgments], AJP 2018, pp. 1096 – 1104.
  • Amendments to Anti-money Laundering Act – consultation process initiated, ILO White Collar Crime Newsletter – 27 August 2018 (with Bernhard Lötscher).
  • Die negativen Feststellungsklagen des schweizerischen Rechts im Anwendungsbereich des Lugano-Übereinkommens [Negative declaratory actions under the Lugano Convention], AISUF 367, Diss. Fribourg, Zürich 2017.
  • The Scope of Application of the 2005 Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements: Attempting to assess the potential impact of the Convention, in: Buruiana (ed.), Recent Developments in Private International Law, 2016, pp. 380 – 407.
  • Die juristische Person an der Schlichtungsverhandlung [Companies in conciliation proceedings], SKUANI Share – 17 July 2016.
  • New Criminal provisions on corruption in private sector to enter into force, ILO White Collar Crime Newsletter – 20 June 2016 (with Bernhard Lötscher).
  • Tax deductibility of fines imposed on commercial undertakings, Criminal Law and Business Crime Newsletter, Newsletter of the International Bar Association Legal Practice Division, Vol. 8(1), May 2015, pp. 12 -14 (with Bernhard Lötscher). 
  • Criminal law provisions in draft financial acts, ILO White Collar Crime Newsletter – 30 March 2015 (with Bernhard Lötscher) 
  • Arbitration with a Defaulting Respondent – a Challenge for the Arbitrators as well as for the Claimant, Latin American Journal of International Trade Law 2015(1), pp. 100 – 112.
  • Arbitrability of Tenancy Disputes in Switzerland, Quid? Fribourg Law Review 2014(1), pp. 26 – 28.
  • Waiving the Action for Annulment – Pro-Arbitration Taken a Bridge too far?, Vindobona Journal of International Commercial Law and Arbitration 2012(2), pp. 113 – 122.
  • Waiver of the Right to Request Revision of Arbitral Awards in Switzerland, Young Arbitration Review 2011(3), pp. 25 – 26. 
  • Enforceability of International Choice of Court Agreements: Impact of the Hague Convention on the US and EU Legal System, The Hague Yearbook of International Law 2011, pp. 95 – 117.
  • The Availability of Damages in the European Union for Breach of the Arbitration Agreement", Dispute Resolution Journal 2011(1), pp. 57 – 63. 
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Lectures list

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Crim­in­al li­ab­il­ity of as­set man­agers for not dis­clos­ing...
Singa­pore Con­ven­tion to strengthen me­di­ation as means to re­solve in­ter­na­tion­al...
On 20 Decem­ber 2018, the UN Gen­er­al As­sembly ad­op­ted the UN Con­ven­tion on In­ter­na­tion­al Set­tle­ment Agree­ments Res­ult­ing from Me­di­ation, known as the Singa­pore Con­ven­tion. The Con­ven­tion is ex­pec­ted to be signed in Au­gust 2019 mean­ing that it will enter in­to.
Amend­ments to Anti-money Laun­der­ing Act
con­sulta­tion pro­cess ini­ti­ated
Switzer­land to re­vise its in­ter­na­tion­al arbeitra­tion law
On 24 Oc­to­ber 2018, the Swiss Fed­er­al Coun­cil pub­lished the draft bill for the re­vi­sion of the Swiss in­ter­na­tion­al ar­bit­ra­tion law (chapter 12 of the Fed­er­al Act on In­ter­na­tion­al Private Law, "PILA") and an ex­plan­at­ory text (both avail­able here).
Brexit to take the UK out of the Lugano Con­ven­tion gov­ern­ing judg­ments...
As a con­sequence of leav­ing the EU at the end of March 2019, the UK will no longer be bound by the Lugano Con­ven­tion, which cur­rently gov­erns the en­force­ment of for­eign judg­ments in lit­ig­a­tions between Swiss and Brit­ish parties.
New crim­in­al pro­vi­sions on cor­rup­tion in private sec­tor to enter in­to...
White Col­lar Crime, Switzer­land In­tro­duc­tion On Septem­ber 25 2015 Par­lia­ment ad­op­ted amend­ments to the Pen­al Code in­tro­du­cing new pro­vi­sions on cor­rup­tion in the private sec­tor (1) The amend­ments will enter in­to force on Ju­ly 1 2016.