CMS Guide to Cross-Bor­der Mer­ger


The CMS Guide to Cross-Border Merger, along with its accompanying Online Planner tool, allows businesses contemplating a cross-border merger in Europe to quickly and easily determine whether it is possible and, if so, who should be involved and how long it is likely to take.

As M&A activity continues to rebound, and as cross-border mergers become increasingly attractive, businesses are looking for clear advice on how they can structure a merger to minimise risk and limit their costs – particularly in light on the EU Directive on Cross-Border Mergers and the legislation unique to each relevant jurisdiction. The Guide takes both an EU view and profiles the legal landscape in 17 European countries.

Further, the campaign features a unique, innovative Online Planner: a tool that allows businesses to map out a timeline for merger by taking into account all the requirements in each jurisdiction. The Online Planner can help businesses assess whether they can participate in a cross-border merger and, if so, understand what parties they must involve, the type and timetable for filing documents, tax considerations and issues related to employee consultation.

To request a copy or speak to someone about cross-border mergers, contact your local CMS Corporate expert outlined in the above PDF.

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