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07 Nov 17
Save the Date: Dy­nam­ic Mar­kets and Vir­tu­al Risks
CMS Glob­al Lifes­ci­ences For­um 2017
Design Law: When it comes to watches de­tails mat­ter (4A_565/2016)
In Switzer­land every­one agrees: One watch is not like the oth­er watch and de­tails mat­ter. The Swiss Fed­er­al Su­preme Court in one of its rare cases in design mat­ters just con­firmed this view un­der sev­er­al as­pects (see here).
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Coun­ter­claims filed be­fore Ar­bit­ral Tribunals seated in Switzer­land...
This art­icle is partly based on a speech the au­thor held on 31 May 2017 dur­ing the Uni­versity of Zurich Europe In­sti­tute's third sem­in­ar on ar­bit­ra­tion ("Hot Top­ics"). The present­a­tion was giv­en as an in­tro­duc­tion to the pan­el dis­cus­sion on the top­ic Die For­der­ung.
CMS ad­vises Merbag on the Ac­quis­i­tion of Mer­cedes-Benz...
The New Fla­menco – Su­preme Court al­lows own­ers’ ap­peal
The Su­preme Court, on 28 June 2017, found in fa­vour of the own­ers in the long-awaited “New Fla­menco” judg­ment - Glob­alia Busi­ness Travel S. A. U. (formerly Travel­Plan S. A. U. ) of Spain v Fulton Ship­ping Inc of Panama.
CMS Ad­vises Life­Watch re­gard­ing Com­pet­ing Pub­lic Takeover...
The Ver­dict - Round-up of cor­por­ate crime de­vel­op­ments across CMS
We are pleased to send our new is­sue of The Ver­dict, an at-a-glance round-up of re­cent leg­al de­vel­op­ments in re­la­tion to cor­por­ate crime. In this is­sue, the spot­light is on some sig­ni­fic­ant changes to anti-cor­rup­tion laws in the Czech Re­pub­lic, in­clud­ing.
David Hürlimann
Switzer­land Re­launches Cor­por­ate In­come Tax Re­form
De­cision of the Swiss Fed­er­al Su­preme Court in the Gaba / Gebro case...
On 21 April 2017, the Swiss Fed­er­al Su­preme Court pub­lished its de­cision in the case re­gard­ing the man­u­fac­tur­ing and dis­tri­bu­tion of El­mex products (teeth and mouth care products). A pub­lic de­lib­er­a­tion of the judge­ment had already taken place on 28 June 2016.
10 July 2017
Monaco law firm joins CMS