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Our Private Clients service Portfolio

Our Private Clients practice advises high net worth individuals and business owners on all legal and tax matters related to their private affairs. We act as a trustworthy partner, assisting you with all your asset and succession planning requirements.

Our Private Clients service is also targeted at banks, asset managers and family offices. We either advise them directly on wealth management issues or work with them to develop customised solutions on behalf of our longstanding clients.

Interdisciplinary and international – our Private Clients Team

Trust-based client relationships in the private clients market depend on outstanding expertise allied with the requisite tact and sensitivity when dealing with a clientele that expects the highest standards.

Accordingly, the Private Clients team at CMS Germany is made up of experienced experts covering corporate, tax, inheritance, family and real estate law. In addition to providing comprehensive advice, they also represent private clients in court proceedings and vis-à-vis government bodies.

Our Private Clients experts also apply their wide-ranging expertise in the international arena. The CMS Private Clients Specialty Group established by the international CMS organisation offers cross-border wealth management and succession planning for global companies, business-owning families and high net worth individuals.

Our skillset for private clients – as diverse as our client base

The high net worth individuals and businesses who instruct us have many different needs in relation to asset and succession planning. Examples of the advice provided by our Private Clients experts include:

For a detailed list of services, please see the

Our local Private Clients contacts will be delighted to arrange a personal meeting.

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"Sources enthuse that CMS is "a powerhouse with the ability to handle complex matters" and that "they deal with some of Germany's richest clients." The firm can provide in-depth advice on all legal and tax matters for high net worth families. Its areas of expertise include family businesses and foundations, corporate succession and international wealth planning."

Chambers HNW, 2018

"The team in Stuttgart is particularly praised for its work. One legal insider reports: "They act for some very substantial high net worth clients in that region and are very good on succession law and litigation." Another wealth expert adds: "You know you can always rely on their lawyers to be precise and accurate in what they are doing.""

Chambers HNW, 2018

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    Asset Structuring

    Families typically have a strong interest in safeguarding family assets and keeping them intact down the generations. At the same time, alternative family structures and the global spread of families due to international careers and lifestyles make it increasingly difficult to retain family assets at a single location. Forward-looking asset structuring and ongoing asset monitoring are becoming more and more important in such scenarios.

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    Contingency Planning

    In the middle of an active, busy (working) life, many families and business owners are reluctant to even consider the possibility of an accident or illness. As a result, contingency planning tends to be neglected. When something does happen, it often turns out there is no general power of attorney or enduring power of attorney for care or healthcare in place, and nobody thought of a living will or final will.

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    Corporate Succession

    One of the biggest challenges currently facing family firms is maintaining the family's wealth and securing the continued existence of the business. The experts in our Private Clients practice have been successfully advising business owners for decades on corporate succession planning and implementation.

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    Family Business Owners

    Family business owners face special responsibilities, and often feel a particularly strong sense of commitment to the company and its employees. Continuing the traditions of a family-owned company down the generations while adapting it to the challenges of new technologies and markets represents a formidable challenge for family business owners.

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    Family Foundations

    Family-owned businesses may decide to establish a foundation for a variety of reasons. The objective might be to safeguard family assets beyond the outgoing generation, to prevent the business from being split up in the event of divorce or death, or to prevent creditors from accessing the assets. In many cases, there are also income tax or inheritance tax reasons for establishing a family foundation or non-profit foundation.

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    Family Offices

    With a view to safeguarding the achievement of many decades and building on that success, family businesses are increasingly turning to professional asset planning and administration via a family office. A family office takes care of asset allocation and management, thereby relieving the family-owned business or wealth owner of many routine tasks.

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    Succession Planning

    Unlike contingency planning, succession planning deals with the long-term transfer of assets. Families and family business owners are faced with the question as to whether the legal order of succession should apply or whether they wish to make arrangements for the estate during the person's lifetime.

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