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Many organisations look to outsource business functions to help drive their business’ growth, achieve quality improvements, increase efficiency and manage costs. The decision to outsource elements of a business is often complex - finding the right service provider, ensuring the right set up, contracting for appropriate performance incentives and ensuring good governance are just a few of the considerations.

As an organisation looking to outsource, or manage existing outsourcing contracts, you will need a team of lawyers who are sensitive to the different approaches to sourcing and the associated liabilities taken in each. Our outsourcing team has extensive experience of advising on local and cross-border arrangements covering a vast range of functions and innovative contracting structures. These include information and communications technology, customer relationship management, logistics, vehicle fleet and facilities management, finance and accounting, fund management, human resources, transaction settlement and payment processing.

We advise both customers and suppliers and can assist on system integration and management issues, multi-vendor arrangements and second-tier supplies.

Our clients operate in a variety of industry sectors, including financial services, energy and utilities, TMC, life sciences & healthcare and manufacturing and logistics, in both the public and private sector.

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