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Intellectual Property


A company's name, or that of its products, is the main way it becomes known and it is crucial to protect this by registering a trademark in the Principality. Branding is a key part of every company’s business or sales strategy and therefore merits careful attention.

The Principality of Monaco has an Intellectual Property Office and is a signatory of the Berne and Paris Conventions.

Every company owns intellectual property. It is a company asset that is key to its creativity and growth. This intellectual property must be protected in order to secure the company’s assets and potential.

It is also important to ensure that you own the rights to your work, brand or invention if it is a work made for hire by an employee or contractor. You also need a strategy for effectively leveraging and monetising this intellectual property.

Our team provides the following services:

  • Audit of your company’s intellectual property
  • Assistance and representation should any dispute arise
  • Registration of trademarks, designs and models (search and comparison of existing IP, registration in Monaco, the EU or internationally, opposition procedures)
  • Negotiating and drafting licensing or coexistence agreements or the sale of your IP.

Since your case may involve more than intellectual property alone, our experts work closely with legal specialists in other practice areas.

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    We have a dedicated team of copyright specialists with particular experience in:

    • Assessing eligibility for copyright protection;
    • Copyright ownership, for example if it is a collective work, a commissioned work, advertising or a work made for hire by your employees;
    • Drafting licensing or copyright transfer agreements;
    • Disputes relating to the existence of copyright and its ownership.
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    Data protection

    Personal data is a core issue for all businesses today. All companies are subject to Law No. 1.165 on personal data protection.

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    We have a team of specialists in trademark law with particular experience in:

    • Searching for pre-existing trademarks;
    • Trademark registration (national or international);
    • Opposition procedures;
    • Trademark invalidity proceedings.
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