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CMS has steadily grown its presence in Latin America over the past ten years. In 2017 we added to our well-established offices in Rio de Janeiro and Mexico three new CMS member firms in Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Our six offices across five of the most important economies in Latin America participate from a regional CMS committee to provide clients with consistent, integrated coverage throughout these jurisdictions.

Most Latin American economies have long been driven by the energy and natural resources sectors, but have been slow to make necessary investments in infrastructure projects. The picture has changed over recent years, as many Latin American countries have launched major investment programmes to deal with the infrastructure deficit and serve a growing middle class.

CMS is playing an active role in these changes – our energy, mining, projects and construction practices are central to our work across the region. Our lawyers combine deep knowledge of these core sectors with expertise in complementary practice areas – including real estate, project finance, corporate law, administrative law, environmental law, and employment. This unique combination offers you much more than just technical legal services – we deliver business-focused advice on market practice, negotiating positions and risk assessment.

CMS in Latin America Energy Mining Projects 2017
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