CMS Guide to off­shore wind in North­ern Europe


Over the past 25 years offshore wind has become an integral part of the European energy mix. More than 3 GW of new offshore wind capacity was commissioned in Europe during 2017. This has resulted in a cumulative installed capacity exceeding 15 GW at the beginning of 2018, most of which is located in the North Sea, making Northern Europe a frontrunner in offshore wind.

This CMS e-guide covers the six main offshore wind markets in Northern Europe: the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, the UK and Denmark (the latter in association with Bech-Bruun, Denmark’s largest law firm with a strong and highly specialised practice within offshore wind).

We are launching this guide chapter by chapter, starting with the Netherlands and subsequently publishing contribution's on the other countries. In addition to the Netherlands, currently chapters on Belgium, Denmark and France are published.  

In February 2018, CMS the Netherlands updated its chapter with respect to the amendment of the Dutch legislative framework for the development of offshore wind to facilitate for zero subsidy tenders, following the German precedent.

Our guide is an electronic format, making it easily accessible. You can also download a PDF version of each of the individual chapters to view offline as they are published.

You can access the guide using the link below.

Please feel free to direct any questions you may have to us or directly to any of the guide’s authors.

CMS Guide to offshore wind in Northern Europe
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