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As a participant in the lifesciences industry, you know that discovery and innovation are key to finding lasting health solutions. Yet due to the highly regulated nature of the industry, you - a corporate, investor or start-up - must overcome complex administrative, compliance and liability hurdles before your products and services can come to market. With over 150 international specialists across CMS and the support of the Lifesciences Asia-Pacific Network (LAN), we understand the scientific and commercial as well as the legal imperatives affecting your business.

Our experts, many of whom have worked in-house in your sector, have developed a shared capability in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostics. With active memberships in the major industry associations such as the ABPI, ABHI, BIVDA, PAGB, EUCOMED and EFPIA, we help shape the legal frameworks impacting the lifesciences sector. We regularly advise our clients on their day to day operational needs such as support with public sector procurement, patent prosecution and enforcement, commercial agreements, tax and transfer pricing, and regulatory advice. Equally, when you need lifesciences specialist advice for strategic agreements, planning a corporate transaction or embarking on litigation (whether product liability or otherwise), we have a team that is well versed in the industry issues to help you.

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Ex­pect­a­tion of a Faster Growth of Health Food in Near...
China In­sight - Lifes­ci­ences
New GCP of Med­ic­al Devices
China In­sight - Lifes­ci­ences
China En­cour­ages In­nov­at­ive Drug by Modi­fy­ing Its Drug...
China In­sight - Lifes­ci­ences


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Nicolas Zhu
Ex­ten­sion of Pi­lot Peri­od of MAH Hold­er Sys­tem
China In­sight - Life Sci­ences
Ex­ten­sion of pi­lot peri­od of MAH Hold­er Sys­tem
Fol­low­ing the pro­mul­ga­tion of the De­cision of the Stand­ing Com­mit­tee of the Na­tion­al People’s Con­gress on Au­thor­iz­ing the State Coun­cil to Carry out the Pi­lot Drug Mar­ket­ing Au­thor­iz­a­tion Hold­er Sys­tem in Cer­tain Re­gions and Rel­ev­ant Is­sues on Novem­ber 4, 2015.
Life Sci­ences & Health­care: China de­vel­op­ments 2017...
China Life Sci­ences & Health­care Monthly Up­date – Septem­ber 2018
NHC guidelines on the clin­ic­al ap­plic­a­tion of new anti-tu­mour drugs, 21 Septem­ber The Na­tion­al Health Com­mis­sion (“NHC”) of the People’s Re­pub­lic of China (“PRC”) re­leased the Guidelines on the Clin­ic­al Ap­plic­a­tion of New Anti-tu­mour Drugs (“Guidelines”) on.
Nicolas Zhu
New Cir­cu­lar Fur­ther En­han­cing the De­vel­op­ment of the...
China In­sight - Life Sci­ences
China Life Sci­ences & Health­care Monthly Up­date – Septem­ber 2018
Vac­cine scan­dal in China, 16 Au­gust The com­mun­ist party’s most power­ful body, Polit­buro Stand­ing Com­mit­tee of the Com­mun­ist Party of China, de­cided to sack 6 top of­ficers after the vac­cine scan­dal, in­clud­ing the former head of China Na­tion­al Drug Ad­min­is­tra­tion.
Régle­ment­a­tion Des Dis­pos­i­tifs Médi­caux En Chine 2017...
Gov­ern­ment Is­sues Brexit Tech­nic­al No­tice for Life Sci­ences
On 23 Au­gust 2018, the UK Gov­ern­ment (the "Gov­ern­ment") is­sued the first wave of its tech­nic­al pa­pers de­signed to provide guid­ance to com­pan­ies to help pre­pare for a "No Deal" Brexit. In this scen­ario, there will be no "trans­ition peri­od" but rather the UK.
CMS, China is a win­ner of China Busi­ness Law Journ­al’s...
China Na­tion­al Drug Ad­min­is­tra­tion is­sues guid­ing prin­ciples for the...
After the pub­lic con­sulta­tion for the Tech­nic­al Re­quire­ments for the Ac­cept­ance of Over­seas Clin­ic­al Tri­al Data (Draft for com­ments), the China Na­tion­al Drug Ad­min­is­tra­tion (“CNDA”) is­sued the fi­nal­ised Guid­ing Tech­nic­al Prin­ciples for the Ac­cept­ance of Over­seas.
Opin­ion on Fur­ther Ex­pand­ing the Con­sump­tion in the...
China In­sight - Life Sci­ences
China is­sue the rule of ac­cept­ing over­seas clin­ic­al tri­al data of...
The China Na­tion­al Drug Ad­min­is­tra­tion is­sued the Guid­ing Tech­nic­al Prin­ciples for the Ac­cept­ance of Over­seas Clin­ic­al Tri­al Data of Drugs (“Prin­ciples”) on 10 Ju­ly 2018, which stand­ard­ise the rule of ac­cept­ing the over­seas clin­ic­al tri­al data of drugs.