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Infrastructure & Projects Lawyers

The infrastructure sector is one of the priorities for the Colombian Government. Local and foreign investors are actively participating, or are interested in participating, in ambitious infrastructure projects which include highways, railways and airports, among others.

To achieve this, private investors and Colombian Government agencies must overcome significant challenges associated with the application and interpretation of regulations regarding public procurement.

Challenges associated with prior consultation with communities, environmental licensing, land acquisition, and lack of clarity on the risks associated with the projects, raise questions about project "bankability".

CMS Rodriguez-Azuero has advised numerous clients investing in some of the most significant and sophisticated infrastructure projects in Colombia, has advised public and private clients on the structuring, design and implementation of infrastructure projects, as well as on participation in public and private tenders for infrastructure projects, with a strong expertise in risk analysis.

We have significant experience of advising clients on the review and analysis of concession, construction, auditing, EPC and other contracts. Our advice covers the infrastructural, environmental, corporate and other major issues of projects.

Our experienced teams are experts in structured, project and corporate finance, public law, finance law, infrastructure law and public procurement anticorruption regulations. Operating from the heart of Colombia’s major project initiatives, we have the expert local resources to provide high quality, highly responsive and personalised advisory services all over the country.

We offer clients a unique combination of expertise, complementing our infrastructure and public law practices with specialist experience in financial law and public procurement anticorruption regulations. CMS Rodriguez-Azuero is recognised as a market leader in anticorruption and compliance-related matters.

Our service is underpinned by significant experience in major infrastructure disputes. We represent clients in litigation before the courts and arbitration panels. A number of our partners serve as arbitrators.

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Daniel Rodríguez
Daniel Rodríguez, LL.M.
Daniel is Partner and head of the Public Procurement area, and co-leads the Compliance, Banking & Finance, and Real Estate & Construction practices for the Firm. Within the Banking & Finance...
Guillermo Otálora
Guillermo Otálora, LL.M.
Of Coun­sel
Colombia, Bogotá
Guillermo is an Of Counsel for the Firm in the Public Procurement and Real Estate & Construction areas of practice. He has 5 years of experience in the public and private sectors. From the private...
María Lucía Amador
María Lucía Amador, LL.M.
Colombia, Bogotá
María Lucía is an Associate for the Firm in the Banking & Finance, Public Procurement and Real Estate & Construction practices. She is a lawyer from Universidad de los Andes and a specialization in P...
Laura Roldán
Laura Roldán
Colombia, Bogotá
Laura is Associate in the Firm for the Banking & Finance, Compliance, Public Procurement and Real Estate & Construction areas. Laura is a lawyer and specialist in Financial and Securities Market Law...
Isabella Quintero
Isabella Quintero
Colombia, Bogotá
Colombia, Bogotá
Isabella is Associate in the Firm for the Banking & Finance, Compliance, Public Procurement and Real Estate & Construction practices. Isabella is a lawyer from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and...