Picture of Tomas Matejovsky

Tomáš Matĕjovský

Head of Commercial, Regulatory and Disputes

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang, advokáti, v.o.s.
Palladium, Na Poříčí 1079/3a
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Languages French, English, Czech

Tomáš Matĕjovský is a partner and the Head of the Commercial, Regulatory and Disputes practice at CMS Prague.

He focuses on litigation and arbitration, compliance matters and white collar crime, and on commercial law, including employment, IP and competition. As part of his practice he represents clients in various types of litigations and arbitration proceedings at all levels, such as commercial, unfair competition and damage claim disputes before regional courts, Superior Courts, the Supreme Court, and the Constitutional Court and various arbitration bodies.

Tomáš also advises Czech and international companies on sector specific regulatory issues with particular focus on highly regulated industries such as the life sciences & healthcare, technology, media and communications sectors. His clients include major multinationals in these sectors.

In addition, he also supports clients on negotiating complex commercial agreements and advises on investments and investment incentives schemes in the CEE region.

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"Great knowledge of the legal system and excellent communication skills."


Relevant experience

  • The Austrian and Slovak subsidiaries of Siemens in a major cross-border dispute over alleged pre-tender contractual liabilities linked to an important bidding process for railway security equipment.
  • Eastern Sugar in the Czech Republic in a EUR 41m claim against the Czech Republic.
  • Ministry of Agriculture concerning a wrongful allocation of its sugar quota and related significant ECHR claim against the Czech Republic.
  • Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic in a significant arbitration valued at EUR 78.8m against a shareholder of a major Czech coal producer relating to a possible breach of a privatisation agreement by which the state's share was sold.
  • Global technology company and its insurers in a major multimillion euro damage claims regarding delivery and use of faulty electrical devices that caused a fire in one of the Prague’s main shopping gallery and office space in the centre of town, therefore representing a major health and safety risk.
  • A major telecommunications operator on the first stand-alone competition dispute with a competitor regarding margin squeeze in respect to providing of and access to broadband xDSL internet.
  • Diageo on the Czech regulation of food products and beverages, including labelling and packaging advice and distribution arrangements advice.
  • A leading biopharmaceutical company on all matters, including advising on employment law and lifesciences sector specific regulatory matters.
  • A global software company on several cyber-squatting and domain name matters and disputes as well as on trademark infringement issues, including oppositions against trademark applications.
  • A global IT company on several criminal investigations in relation to alleged bribery and corruption issues.
  • Worldwide medical devices producer on several compliance and anti-corruption investigations and relating matters. 
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  • 1999 - International Law and State Administration Course, Ecole National d'Administration, Paris, France
  • 1998 - European Law, History and French Course, Universite de Perpignan, Perpignan, France
  • 1997 - Law Degree, Charles University, Prague
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  • Member - Czech Bar Association
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