Dr. Maximilian Grub

Rechtsanwalt | Head of Corporate / M&A Group, CMS Germany

CMS Hasche Sigle
Schoettlestraße 8
70597 Stuttgart
Languages French, English, German

Maximilian Grub is an experienced lawyer who has advised on a wide range of national and international M&A transactions. He also specialises in restructurings and complex corporate law structures. His clients, many of whom from the automotive, energy and private equity sectors, particularly appreciate his negotiating skills and creative legal advice.

Maximilian joined CMS in 1995 after a stint with Fulbright & Jaworski in New York. In 1998/99, he spent a year with CMS in London and became a partner in 2000.

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Relevant experience

  • Advising Aurelius on the acquisition of the European crafts business of Coats plc

  • Advising HUBER Packaging Group on the acquisition of four plants in Switzerland, Finland, the UK and France

  • Advising Allianz Real Estate Germany on the acquisition of "Haus an der Wien"

  • Advising Telemotive AG on the sale to Magna International Inc., including a multi-stage due diligence process in order to ensure protection of trade secrets among competitors

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  • 1995: Second state examination in law at Higher Regional Court Munich

  • 1994: PhD at the University of Tübingen

  • 1992: First state examination in law at the University of Munich

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Lectures list

  • CMS European M&A Study 2016 - Press conference in Frankfurt on 22 March 2016

  • M&A and Private Equity in Europe -Current Market Developments and Deal Points, 9th Annual Conference - M&A and Private Equity 2015, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, 7 October 2015

  • CMS European M&A Study 2015 - Press conference in Frankfurt on 24 March 2015

  • Panel discussion: Changes in the Energy Sector - Impact on M&A Strategies?, Conference - M&A and Private Equity 2014, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, 1 October 2014

  • CMS European M&A Study 2014 - Press conference in Frankfurt on 18 March 2014

  • M&A in Germany and Europe - Market Developments and Deal Points in Transactions, Conference - M&A and Private Equity 2013, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, 25 September 2013

  • Standard and Trends for Drafting Inter-Company Agreements, Commercial and Corporate Law Working Group of the German Bar Association, Vienna, 28.06.2013

  • Differences and Similarities between Inter-Company Agreements in France and Germany, Tuebingen University, Tuebingen, 15.05.2013

  • CMS European M&A Study 2013, Business Lunch at CMS Hasche Sigle, Stuttgart, 18.04.2013

  • CMS European M&A Study 2013, Press conference, Frankfurt, 18.03.2013

  • Save the Deal – How to minimise risk in M&A processes, CMS Business Breakfast, Stuttgart, 26.02.2013

  • M&A in Germany and Europe – Market developments in times of debt crisis, 2012 M&A and Private Equity Conference, 26.09.2012

  • Setting the course of action in M&A transactions, M&A Roadshow, 11.09.2012

  • Save the Deal – How to minimise risk in M&A processes, 2012 Strategy Summit for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, 09.05.2012

  • M&A Masters 2009 - M&A in crisis situations, Berlin, 30.09./01.10.2009

  • Press conference - M&A European M&A Survey, Frankfurt, 06.05.2009

  • M&A Transactions in the economic downturn, Stuttgart, 06.05.2009

  • M&A Masters 2009 - Process-Related Success Factors in M&A Transactions, Berlin, 26./27.01.2009

  • 4. SME Conference Lake Constance – Corporate structure with an eye to the future – purchase and sale of companies and parts of companies, Friedrichshafen, 23.09.2008

  • M&A Masters 2008 – Litigation-related success factors in M&A transactions, Cologne, 28./29.05.2008

  • Financing a company in growth, 6th Swiss Family Companies Conference, Zurich, 22.09.2008

  • Financing a company in growth, 5th Schweizer Familienunternehmertag, Zürich, 11.12.2007

  • Effective process management in M&A transactions, Wiesbaden, 14./15.11.2007

  • How do I organise a joint venture?, SME Conference in Baden-Württemberg, Karlsruhe, 08.03.2007

  • Corporate transactions the easy way?!, SME Conference in Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart 16.03.2006

  • Success factors of an M&A transaction on an international level, 4th Finance Mergers & Acquisitions Congress, Stuttgart, 10./11.05.2005

  • Success factors of an M&A transaction on an international level, SME Conference in Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, 22.03.2005

  • Success factors for an M&A transaction, Bankenforum, Stuttgart, 22.07.2004

  • Handling of an M&A transaction with the involvement of a medium-sized company, Medium Conference in Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, 03.03.2004

  • Company acquisition, Villeroy & Boch Akademie, Mettlach, 2003

  • M & A Transactions involving German Companies, London

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