Does your company intend to start doing business in Iran and to develop its activities there? As an Iranian firm, are you interested in the prospects offered by the Western industrialised countries? CMS is the first international law firm to provide support via a dedicated office and team of lawyers in the Iranian capital, Tehran, which commenced operation on 1 February 2016.

The opportunities for engaging successfully in Iran business are now greater than ever, both for exports from Iran (raw materials) and for imports into one of the largest economies in the Middle East. Following the lifting of sanctions against Iran, assets owned by the Iranian state that were frozen during the embargo are also being released. These substantial sums can now be used for investment both within the country and outside it.

Iran is rich in raw materials, with huge reserves of natural gas and crude oil. Alongside this, the country has a strong industrial tradition and a relatively young population with above-average levels of education. Estimates suggest that with the embargo now lifted, the Iranian economy will grow by four to five per cent a year until 2020.

Our new CMS Pars office is located in Navak Tower in Tehran, which is also home to the German-Iranian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Iran) in Tehran.

CMS was quick to recognise the exciting potential offered by Iran. Directly after President Hassan Rohani was elected, the firm set up a task force specifically to establish local connections in the country. We support international companies seeking to gain an early competitive advantage and to build strong business relationships with Iran by providing access to lawyers who specialise in Iranian law and leveraging our practical experience of working on investment projects in Iran.

Please do not hesitate to contact us – the CMS Pars team is available at any time to discuss your options in Iran and your specific requirements with regard to legal advice.

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