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Restructuring and Insolvency


Advice on insolvency matters specifically is directed to advice geared to averting insolvency and providing advice prior to imminent insolvency, as well as all issues in connection with insolvency proceedings, in particular the development and review of insolvency plans.

We provide advisory services to debtor companies with particular reference to their economic difficulties and provide them with legal advice during reorganisation. At the same time the management of the debtor company is advised on averting liability claims and acts of criminal law relevance. Creditors are given comprehensive advice regarding the crisis or insolvency of their debtors. As part of our collateral management services we develop re-organisation and wind-up concepts for the creditors aimed at protecting the creditors´collateral before and during insolvency. We also advise the creditors when restructuring and forming banks and supplier pools and observe all the creditors´rights in insolvency proceedings.

Main Focus

Main focuses of our insolvency law work are

  • Re-organisation and restructuring advice
  • Legal advice to debtors and creditors before insolvency
  • Collateral management; structuring and provision of advice to bank and supplier pools
  • Legal advice to managing directors/boards of directors
  • Draft and review of insolvency plans
  • Handling of insolvency
  • Liquidation
  • Acquisition of insolvent companies
  • Cooperation with
  • creditors´committees
  • Insolvency disputes
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    In times of economic crisis, many companies are faced with uncertain business prospects: demand drops, while strong competitors take advantage of the situation to step up the pressure. Long-term financial commitments remain, but customers’ ability to pay becomes compromised. Fortunately, taking prompt action to address these challenges often enables looming problems – or even insolvency – to be avoided.

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