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In over 50 years, our legal specialists have developed a track record of doing significant deals in Africa. This means we know the legal systems, the economies and the professionals on the ground. Our African knowledge and experience is strengthened by our CMS offices in Casablanca, Algiers and Luanda and our network of relationship and associate firms across the continent. Doing business in Africa offers you world-class business opportunities across several key sectors. Benefitting from these new opportunities requires guidance through the diverse challenges of this vast continent and its 54 countries.

CMS has over 4,500 lawyers working in 70 offices in 64 cities across the globe. The CMS Africa practice utilises the experience of this global coverage to advise on African matters with local clients and clients from across the globe who wish to invest in the region. The diverse approach to the CMS Africa offering comes from our position as the largest law firm in Europe and the sixth largest law firm in the world, and means we are able to cover our clients’ needs across the whole continent.

CMS advises on local laws across most jurisdictions and in relation to pan-African laws and structures such as OHADA, WAEMU and CEMAC. Our Paris, Algiers and Casablanca teams are closely involved in Francophone Africa across North and West Africa. From Luanda and Lisbon our lawyers focus on Lusophone Africa and in our other offices we assist major investors and developers with their African portfolios across the continent. This approach gives us a combination of local and sector expertise that our clients find particularly attractive.

Our African practice has an up to date and locally-sourced understanding of the key financial and economic shifts in the region, including the emergence of agriculture and agribusiness, consumer goods, services and telecommunications and infrastructure development and operation as key growth areas for the continent. CMS’ market-leading energy, infrastructure and natural resources practice led from London means that we have key insights into the development, transition and turbulence of the energy, oil and gas and mining sectors in Africa.

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