So­cial Mo­bil­ity & Edu­ca­tion

At CMS we think that social background should not determine your future nor be a barrier to opportunities.

Social mobility requires action from the government, parents and schools but businesses can also help young people from areas of social need to reach their potential and flourish.

We invest nearly 5,000 hours each year supporting the development of hundreds of young people from schools around the UK helping them develop both hard and soft skills.

Some of our regular programmes include:

Reading & Numbers 

Volunteers visit primary school pupils at least once a week to help them with their literacy and numeracy skills.


Our colleagues mentor young people in the last two years of their education and help them to transition to further education and the workplace.

Lawyers in Schools 

CMS volunteers bring the law to life for students, taking part in open discussions about areas of the law that affect young people (Family Law, Consumer Rights, Police Powers, Intellectual Property and Human Rights).

Career Insight Days 

CMS host interactive sessions exposing young people to the profession, practical learning, essential business skills and the range of roles available in a legal practice.

We are also proud to be a founding member of PRIME – the legal sector initiative aiming to provide fairer access to the profession.