Con­nec­ted Fu­ture - Manchester

Manchester, United Kingdom

Past event
28 March 2019, 08:00 - 12:00

In partnership with Place North West, this event will explore the technology revolutionising infrastructure in our cities, and how you can best take advantage of these opportunities.

Technology-driven transformations are changing and upgrading our cities; from fibre and 5G internet connectivity, to energy storage, electric cars and charging points, and smart mobility such as autonomous vehicles and smart railways.

The event will provide an in-depth look at CMS’ recently published report ‘Connected Future’, and seek to answer questions many may have as to the real impact of these technologies, such as:

  • what the cities of tomorrow will look like in practical terms
  • how to retrofit vehicle charging points in an already busy city
  • how transport innovations such as autonomous vehicles will impact the availability of land
  • where established business parks can find space for large energy storage facilities
  • how to futureproof ageing property portfolios so they don’t devalue in the coming decades

Discussion will showcase examples of international best practice, alongside where smart infrastructure is being installed in the North West, and how the region’s towns and cities can best exploit the potential of these technologies.