Financing Public Infrastructure: Carillion as a Catalyst for Change (London)

London, United Kingdom

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15 January 2019, 08:30 - 12:30
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Join us as our guest at the CMS Risk, Resilience and Reputation conference: Financing Public Infrastructure: Carillion as a Catalyst for Change.

On the anniversary of Carillion’s liquidation, our conference will focus on the risks and opportunities for the future of private finance funding public infrastructure, the lessons learned from Carillion and the steps that the private sector could take to re-engage public sector support.

We will be joined by leading names in the industry to debate what went wrong, what lessons have been learnt and how those lessons can be used to help shape the future of private finance developing public infrastructure. The conference will include views from funders, investors, contractors and public authorities (including senior figures who have been directly involved in the fall-out post Carillion).

This is one of our Risk, Resilience and Reputation series of events. Advising on current and future risk, building resilience in difficult situations and protecting reputation.

A full conference programme and list of speakers will be issued in October.


08:30  Registration and breakfast

09:00  Seminar start

10:35  Coffee break

11:15  Panel session 

12:30  Close