Risk Es­sen­tials Break­fast: Set­tling Dis­putes: Bring­ing leg­al and com­mer­cial as­pects in­to sync

London, United Kingdom

Show location
24 April 2019, 09:00 - 10:30
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With a court date looming, last ditch efforts to settle a dispute can lead to flawed decision-making and rushed documentation in which important details may be overlooked. Recent case law has also highlighted difficulties that can arise when trying to preserve the confidentiality of settlement negotiations. This session will help you make your deal stick and avoid unpleasant surprises.
The session will include:

  • Establishing a settlement range
  • Managing negotiations
  • “Without prejudice” and “Subject to contract”
  • Options for bringing proceedings to a close – without unintended consequences
  • Common pitfalls in documenting settlement

This is one of our Risk, Resilience and Reputation series of events. Advising on current and future risk, building resilience in difficult situations and protecting reputation.


09:00-09:30 Registration
09:30-10:30 Seminar